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Accounting challenges are not the same for every country. UAE has its own challenges when it comes to financial matters and accounting laws. Accounting and Vat services in the UAE is focused on Corporate tax laws rather than individual tax returns. The number of Auditing firms in Dubai and UAE is ever-increasing owing to the increased accounting demands. With the new UAE tax regulations, all businesses and companies are obliged to get accounting and VAT services in Dubai and across the UAE. Companies are required to register with the UAE governing authorities and get tax filing done on a monthly and quarterly basis. Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC helps our clients to successfully do all their accounting and vat services in Dubai, UAE in a seamless way.

As per the company laws, it is the duty of the management to produce the financial reports that truly represent the financial status of the business to the shareholders.

Outsourcing the accounting and VAT services in UAE to an external agency helps you focus on the core company issues thereby increasing productivity. In the process, outsourcing the accounting jobs to a reputed tax consultant can help you enhance the profits of your company to a great extent. Kiltons has an efficient and experienced team of Accounting and VAT consultants that deal with the services that are most in-demand. At Kiltons, we offer quick, affordable, flawless, and time-efficient accounting and VAT services in Dubai, UAE. The Accounting and VAT services offered by Kiltons in the UAE are mentioned below.

VAT Registration

A CEO of a business may not have adequate time to effectively contemplate on the financial and accounting matters concerning the business...

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Being an international business hub, Dubai is a bustling city where a lot of financial activities take place. In order to facilitate these financial etc..

Auditing Services

To simply put, an Audit is a term used to denote the assessment of the financial matters of a company or business establishment.The financial etc..

VAT Return Filing

Value Added Tax or simply VAT is actually consumption tax imposed on a product or commodity.etc..

CFO Services

A CEO of a business may not have adequate time to effectively contemplate on the financial and accounting matters concerning the business...

TAX Advices

Many investors and startup entrepreneurs consider Dubai as their most preferred investment destination in Asia.

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In the past two decades, Kiltons has served clients from a wide range of business domains. We have provided Business setup related services in the Emirates to investors around the world, from sole proprietorship firms to big business houses and industrial concerns.

VAT registration – VAT is a tax levied on consumption of commodities and hence it is known as a Consumption tax. Value Added Tax is applicable for the mainland and free zone companies that are registered under VAT. The tax rate levied by the UAE government on tax-registered companies and establishments is 5%. VAT returns can be filed on the official portal of Federal Tax Authority. (FTA) Accounting and Bookkeeping – Accounting and Bookkeeping services are not identical. Bookkeeping is a facet of Accounting. Accounting has a much broader perspective than Bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is maintaining a record of the financial figures and transactions conducted by a business establishment. Accounting has something more to do other than the recording of the financial transactions of the establishment. Accounting carries out the understanding, organizing, evaluating, reporting, and summing up of financial information.

Auditing Services – Recent years have witnessed a huge increase in the number of Auditing firms and consultants in the Emirates. Auditing service ensures legitimacy in the financial dealings of the company. Flawless auditing gives an accurate representation of the financial status of an organization. Auditing helps shareholders and investors to attain a precise understanding of the financial transactions and status of the company.

VAT Return filing – VAT returns filing must be done by all business establishments that are listed under VAT registration. Businesses may pursue the VAT return filing via the official website of FTA (Federal Tax Authority). VAT return provides the calculation of a business establishment’s overall supplies and purchases carried out in specific time duration.

CFO Services – A CFO or a Chief Financial Officer is in charge of all the financial transactions and dealings of an organization. A CFO performs a variety of activities in connection with financial dealings like planning, monitoring cash flow and understanding the areas of financial strong point and frailty of the company.

Tax Advice – There are different types of taxes that are applicable to a Corporate business establishment in the UAE. Tax laws are subject to change and business establishments should ensure compliance with the laws. Businesses should receive timely updates regarding changes in tax laws. Kiltons provides the above-listed services via Kiltons Accounting and tax consultants. Get in touch with our team to sort out your tax-related doubts.