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Dubai is a highly competitive business world. With numerous companies of varying sizes operating in the region, the companies in the advertising field have exponential growth possibilities. You can get an advertising agency license in Dubai by pursuing the unfussy process promulgated by the authorities.

Drop us a message or contact us if you want expert guidance or assistance in obtaining an advertising agency license in Dubai/ UAE. Our professional team would extend you exceptional support. We would manage the complete advertising license process on behalf of you and complete the formalities in a predefined time. Helping you to start the advertising agency in Dubai without any delays.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Advertising Agency Setup in Dubai

  • Is it beneficial to start an advertising agency in Dubai?
    • A prolific business sphere, Dubai offers great prospects for an advertising agency. You can grow and develop by setting up an advertising agency in Dubai and working diligently.

  • Can an ex-pat own 100% of shares in an advertising agency in Dubai?
    • Yes, an expatriate can own 100% shares in the advertising agency. No need for an Emirati sponsor for establishing an advertisement agency in Dubai.
  • Which is the best location for starting an advertising agency in Dubai?
    • There are many ideal locations for starting an advertising agency in Dubai. Our team would brief you regarding the best location for setting up an advertising agency.
  • Is there any minimum dimensional requirement for advertising agency office space?
    • The minimum office space for an advertising agency setup in Dubai will vary from 200 sq ft to 500 sq ft depending on the company size and activities planned.
  • How much will it cost for an advertising agency license?
    • The fee for advertising agency licenses depends on varying factors. You may drop us a message to know more about the cost for advertising agencies setting up in Dubai.

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Setting Up Advertising Agency in Dubai: Services Offered

Setting up an advertising agency in Dubai has specific regulations and criteria. Three types of advertising agencies can be established in Dubai/ UAE:

 - Commercial Advertisement Agency

 - Professional Advertisement Agency

 - Industrial Advertisement Agency

You may note that a commercial advertisement agency in Dubai cannot pursue industrial or professional advertisements and vice versa. Defying rules specified by the authority can lead to unwanted complications in the smooth operation of the advertising agency.

You can start an advertising agency in Dubai, UAE and commence all the types of marketing campaigns for the clients. The marketing and advertising method used can include:

 - Billboards

 - Print Ads on Media

 - Ads on FM Radios and Television Channels

 - Social Media Advertisements

 - Multimedia Ads

 - Email Ad Campaigns

The advertising company in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE must abide by the guidelines issued.

 - The advertising company in Dubai should respect religious beliefs and shouldn’t do any action that defames them

 - The advertisements shouldn’t intrude into people’s privacy

 - Advertising license shouldn’t be used for passing misinformation

 - All communications from the advertisement company should be cordial and non-offensive

 - Deal impartially with all

 - All the advertisements should contain the parent’ organization’s name

Disobeying the stipulations can cause the cancellation of the advertising license in Dubai. By observing the directives from the authorities and delivering the services properly, an advertising company in Dubai can scale heights of success.

Approvals Required for Advertising License in Dubai

You must know about the approvals required for an advertising agency license before initiating the process. It may be beneficial for you to assign us the task. Our experienced executives will submit the requisite applications and get the approvals in the shortest possible time.

The approvals from the following departments are necessary for starting an advertising agency:

 - Dubai Municipality

 - Chamber of Commerce

 - Ministry of Economy and Commerce

 - National Media Council (NMC)

Approvals and the fee would also depend on the type of advertising activities planned. NMC charges around AED 5-10K for approval. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai may ask for additional approvals, if required, for issuing an advertising agency license in Dubai.

How to obtain Advertising Agency License in Dubai

The process for setting up an advertising agency in Dubai is similar to other business entities in the region. It is normally a delayed procedure with the involvement of different departments. The steps involved in advertising licenses are elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Initial Approval

The DED issues initial approval for starting an advertising agency in Dubai. Submit the requisite documents including a copy of the passport of the business owner. The DED would peruse the documents and issue an Initial Approval Certificate (IAC) for setting up an advertising agency.

Register a Trade Name for the Advertising Agency

Advertising agency setup necessitates registration of a trading name. All the official correspondences would be on the company’s trade name. A Trade Name Certificate (TNC) would be issued once the name you suggested is accepted by the authority. Naming guidelines must be abided by for avoiding rejection of the proposed trade name. The advertising license in Dubai will be on the trading name.

Renting or Leasing of Office Space

Choosing the right location for starting the advertising company in Dubai is vital. A promising locality can exalt your business prospects. Select the location and go for the office space in Dubai according to the dimensional requirements stated by the authority. DED may not approve the setting up of an advertising agency if the office dimensions don’t meet the specifications. Ejari or tenancy contract has to be concluded with the property owner and registered with the authority.

Legal Form

The legal structure of the advertising agency setup has to be derived and notarized with the approved notary. The legal form of the advertising agency will define the activities performed, the policies, the office structure, etc. Memorandum of Association and Article of Association are part of the said legal structure.

Obtain Advertising Agency License

Comply with all the formalities described above, obtain the approvals, collect the documents and apply for an advertising agency license in Dubai. You can start the advertising agency in Dubai and commence operations once the DED issues the business license in Dubai.

Benefits of Advertising Agency Setup

Benefits offered by advertising agency setup in Dubai include:

 - Exceptional growth potential

 - 100% ownership to ex-pat entrepreneur

 - 100% repatriation of profit and capital

 - Wide range of services available

 - Excellent infrastructure

 - Nil import duty

 - Nil personal or corporate tax

 - Hassle-free setting up of advertisement agency

Kiltons Business Setup services for Starting an Advertising Agency in Dubai

Kiltons has been serving expats and residents to realize their entrepreneurial dreams since 1999. We have been one of the most preferred business setup services in the UAE. We assure you of matchless services for obtaining an advertising agency license in Dubai. Our professionals are always ready to comply with your requirements and aid you in starting the business in Dubai/ UAE.

Our cordial relationship with the ruling royal family and top officials from the authority will be helpful in commencing the company, as well as, performing well in the business world. Reach out to us for an advertising agency setup in Dubai.

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