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Entrepreneurs have a plethora of business options in Dubai. The investor-friendly emirate supports company formation through simplified procedures and supportive policies. It has countless companies, industries and plush residential areas. The visionary leadership directs marinating thorough hygiene at every property to provide a beautiful and hygienic appearance. That can provide an attractive and healthy look to the emirate. Setting up a cleaning company in Dubai can be the right choice for investment.

Kiltons Business Setup Services has a team of proficient professionals for supporting our esteemed clients. We will assist you in cleaning company formation in Dubai by providing you with all the administrative and advisory support. Having a cordial relation with the ruling royal family and official authority, we can help you establish the company and commence the business activities at the earliest.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Set up Cleaning Company in Dubai, UAE

  • How to start a cleaning service in Dubai Mainland?
    • To start a cleaning service in Dubai Mainland, one must register with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and proceed with the remaining formalities for obtaining a relevant license.

  • How much will it cost to set up a cleaning business in Dubai?
    • The cost of cleaning business set up in Dubai could be confirmed based on the sector and type of license only. It may cost around AED 20K to 30K for completing the formalities. You may contact us to know more.
  • Is the cleaning business in Dubai a profitable one?
    • Yes, it is one of the most profitable ones if you start a cleaning company in Dubai after thorough initial research and market analysis.
  • Which one is more profitable, a cleaning company in Dubai Mainland or Free Zone?
    • Profitability depends on many factors. You may talk to our professionals to know more.
  • Which all types of cleaning licenses are available in Dubai?
    • There are three cleaning licenses basically, viz. Industrial Cleaning License, Commercial Cleaning License, and Residential Cleaning License.

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Procedures for setting up a Cleaning Company in Dubai

The amount of cleaning companies in Dubai and UAE has grown in tandem with the emirate itself. The cleaning service business setup in Dubai has a simplified, unfussy, process. With our team supporting you, it can be complied with in quick time. For you to obtain a cleaning company license Dubai and start business operations under cleaning services permits.

1. Determine Your Area of Focus

You can start by identifying the area of focus for setting up the cleaning service company in Dubai. There are three areas primarily, wherein the cleaning firm can provide service, viz. Industrial, Commercial and Residential areas.  

Industrial Area – The industrial sector of Dubai is massive with numerous industries operating in and around the emirate. By obtaining contracts through marketing and publicizing, the firm can obtain daily, weekly or monthly orders from factories and industries. However, your firm must have an adequate workforce and equipment to handle the load. This includes heavy machinery for quick and effective cleaning of factories and manufacturing plants. Your cleaning service business in Dubai will grow in no time if you succeed in creating a positive buzz about the services.

Commercial Area – Dubai has a wide commercial area that includes business centres, shopping malls, and superstores and so on. Most of the firms and organizations in this sector outsource the cleaning activities to relieve the load from them. By providing quality services, you can be the one to get the orders from these firms. A cleaning service firm in Dubai, delivering services in the commercial sector also requires sufficient employees and cleaning equipment.

Residential Premises – The firms with cleaning service license in Dubai that delivers cleaning services to houses, residential enclaves, apartments, gates properties and so on can begin with a comparatively small team of cleaners and helpers. The firm can opt for expansion and enrollment of more employees with an increase in workload.

Choosing your area of operation must be only after understanding each field, requirements, and capacity only. You may also confirm the prominent players in the field, their USP, and the area they lack, for you to formulate the way ahead. Once you gain a foothold, you can think of expansion accordingly.  

2. Choose a Name for Cleaning Business

Naming the company is the second step. You cannot have any name of your choice. Ensure that the name you submit for approval meets the laid down specifications. The naming policy for business in Dubai include the following:

- No political or religious reference in the name suggested

- No abbreviations

- Blasphemous names are not authorized

3. Obtain Cleaning Company License Dubai

Once you have determined the area of focus for your cleaning company set up in UAE, you can go ahead with the license application process. There are three types of licenses available according to the sector your firm will be providing service, i.e. industrial cleaning license, commercial cleaning license and residential cleaning license. Opt for the jurisdiction of your choice, from Mainland and Free Zone. The procedure for a business license in Dubai for cleaning services in Dubai doesn’t have much difference.

Documents essential for cleaning service license in Dubai include:

-         Copy of passport of the owner and shareholders

-         Duly filled application form

-         Passport size photographs

Start full-fledged operations after receiving the company license for your cleaning service business in Dubai.

Different Types of Activities under Cleaning License in Dubai

The activities that can be undertaken with cleaning company license Dubai include:

-         Commercial area cleaning

-         Vehicle cleaning

-         Laundry services

-         Dry cleaning

-         Aircraft cleaning

-         Sewage cleaning

-         Seashore cleaning

-         Runway cleaning

-         Roads and streets cleaning

-         Shopping malls interior and exterior cleaning

-         Professional firms cleaning

-         Tank cleaning

-         Yacht and boat cleaning

Kiltons Business Setup services for Cleaning Company License Dubai

Kiltons Business Setup Services has been extending optimal support to entrepreneurs to turn their dream into reality since 1999. We have been delivering services in company formation in Dubai, commercial and office space renting/ leasing, business advisory services and so on. Kiltons is the one-stop solution for all your business establishment and development needs. Our relentless hard work is the main force behind many successful firms in UAE for more than two decades.

When it comes to setting up cleaning companies in UAE, Kiltons will be your perfect guide, mentor and support for obtaining a cleaning company license Dubai and cleaning business setup. Our proficient team is always ready for your service. 

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