Restaurant License in Dubai

Restaurant business is one of the most widely opted businesses set up in Dubai. Being one of the top ten travel destinations in the world, the most attractive emirate in UAE, Dubai witnesses a rise in tourist footprint every year. Establishment of a restaurant here can be one of the most rewarding options.

You can consult Kiltons Business Setup Services in Dubai, to commence a restaurant business in Dubai. Our professionals will guide you, as well as, undertake all the official formalities for setting up the business and obtaining a restaurant license in Dubai. Our expert advice and support will open up the gate to riches for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Restaurant License in Dubai

  • What are the additional permits we can obtain for the restaurant business?
    • The additional permits you can obtain are:

      - Pork Permit

      - Liquor Permit

      - Ramadan Permit

      - Food Delivery Permit

  • How can I contact Kiltons Business Setup Services?
    • You can reach out to us on +971 522 407 111 or +971 4 392 0111. Alternatively via email on [email protected]
  • Do I need a trading license for starting a restaurant?
    • Yes, you must obtain a food license, as well as, trading license in Dubai to establish a restaurant. The Department of Economic Development (DED) will issue the trading license.
  • Is setting up a restaurant business in Dubai a complicated process?
    • Setting up a restaurant in Dubai is fussy compared to other business options. However, the business offers excellent growth probabilities. Therefore, the number of ex-pats choosing restaurant business in Dubai has been increasing since long. Kiltons will carry out the complete restaurant business set up process on behalf of you. Making it easy for you to start a restaurant in Dubai. 

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How to open a restaurant business in Dubai? 

Food is one of the basic needs of any living being. Having a direct impact on the health of the individual, the authorities have laid down stringent norms for monitoring hygiene and health factors. You must obtain approvals from food and safety departments after complying with regulations regarding food preparation and distribution.

It may appear a complicated process if you are a debutant ex-pat or an entrepreneur inexperienced in the field. Professional guidance and support from Kiltons will be instrumental in completing all the procedures and commencing the restaurant business in Dubai at the earliest. 

Let’s have a look at the steps involved to open a restaurant business in Dubai.

1. Select the Location

Selecting the location is of paramount importance for starting a restaurant business in Dubai. Although every locality in Dubai offers a great opportunity for growth, the location certainly has an impact on providing you early ROI.

We will help you choose the perfect location for the type of restaurant you want to set up in Dubai or any other region in UAE. Rather than giving you superficial advice, our executives will give you a comprehensive report and options according to the restaurant you plan to set up in the region.   

2. Food and Trading License in Dubai

You must get the food and restaurant license in Dubai, for starting a restaurant business in Dubai. The Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing (DTCM) in association with the Department of Food and Safety issue the license.

An application in the requisite format along with the documents has to be submitted, for obtaining food and restaurant licence, for restaurant business set up in Dubai. At the same time, the Trade License for commencing the business activity in Dubai would be issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The total charges, including both the licenses, would be around AED 50k.

3. Estimate the Budget Based on the Plan

You must formulate the way ahead including the budget. It will include the costs towards obtaining a Restaurant License in Dubai, operational expenses and other related expenditures. Assistance from our expert professionals will be of great value to layout the restaurant business plan in Dubai.

The decision from the visionary leadership to amend the sponsorship requirement is advantageous for ex-pats. Therefore, you don’t need a local Emirati sponsor for setting up a restaurant business in Dubai. The expatriate who opens a restaurant business in Dubai can own 100% of shares in the entity.

4. Commence Operation of the Restaurant in Dubai

You can start the operation of your restaurant once you have been issued with a food and trading license. A foolproof plan has to be formulated to ensure that your business turns a success. The restaurant business in Dubai will be pivotal in making you a successful entrepreneur.  

Architectural Requirements for a New Restaurant Business in Dubai

 The federal authority in Dubai has stipulation regarding the construction of the restaurant and associated area. You must make sure that the dimensions, specifications and restrictions are considered whilst designing and constructing the restaurant. Else, the authority may reject your application or direct you to undertake corrective measures before commencement of operations.

- The size of the kitchen must be at least 40% of the area of the restaurant

- Proper ventilation should be ensured. The smoke should not cause any disturbance to the customers

- Chimney should be at an adequate height

- Storage facilities, including deep freeze equipment and fridge, is essential at the restaurant

- A dedicated area is compulsory for cleaning of food items and utensils. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian area may be earmarked separately

- Fireproof construction

- Drainage pipe of specific dimension and construction 

Documents Required for Starting a Restaurant in Dubai

 Two types of documents are required for starting a restaurant business in Dubai, i.e. essential documents and optional documents. Both are enumerated below.

Essential documents required to set up a restaurant business in Dubai are:

- Food License

- Trading License

- Approval from relevant authorities

- NOC from Municipality

Optional Documents that you can obtain, based on your requirement are:

- Liquor Permit

- Ramadan Permit

- Food Delivery Permit

- Pork Permit 

Why Kiltons for Restaurant Business Setup in Dubai?

Kiltons Business Setup Services has been the number one choice for ex-pats to establish a business in Dubai or any other region in UAE, since 1999. We have been pivotal in realizing the business dreams of countless expatriates and residents for more than two decades. Choosing us to in setting up your business entity in Dubai would be an impeccable decision that will open the world of opportunities for you. Kiltons professionals will guide you,through all the official formalities for setting up a restaurant business and obtaining a restaurant license in Dubai.

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