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As you all know Dubai is a renowned business hub for entrepreneurs and professionals and at the same time a traveller’s paradise too. The UAE government is very keen on investing in the travel and tourism sector. The proactive measures adopted by the visionary UAE government over the years has helped Dubai attain the reputation of the “Top 10 most visited cities” in the world. Travel and art sectors are related and attract a large number of international visitors from all over the world. The artistic and cultural domain of Dubai and UAE has experienced an incredible transformation in the past decade. There are plenty of art galleries in Dubai that showcases a wide variety of genres. The established and budding artists can make use of art exhibitions, galleries and other events to showcase their work of art. And yes, they get the unique benefit of reaching an international audience who appreciate and evaluate creativity in its true spirit.

Copyrights play a key role in any artist’s career. Copyright law protects the authentic works of Authors, singers etc, against violation of their rights within the state. If you are planning to start a production company in UAE, you must understand what copyright law is. Copyright registration in the UAE is also intended to protect the works of its originators. Kiltons provides copyright registration services in Dubai and UAE to protect one’s works of authorship across the country.

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  • Importance of copyright protection in Dubai

    Copyright registration is important to protect the original works of authorship that are arranged in a tangible form, whether published or unpublished. World-famous artists, musicians and creative folks are already aware of copyrights and copyright infringement. Copyrights play a major role in the life of an artist as they can influence his or her career. With the latest advances of the internet and digital media, there arises a necessity to take care of the original work of art. Copyrights safeguard the interests of the artist and protect the creative work from any external attempt to duplicate or copy or adapt the original.

    Copyright is an intellectual asset that comprises paintings, musical compositions, pamphlets, audiovisual projects, designs associated with architecture or engineering, sculpture, maps, illustrations, speeches and a wide variety of other artistic and literary creations.

    The UAE Copyright law ensures two categories of rights for the owner and they are Economic rights and moral rights.

    Economic rights – the Original owner can authorize another individual to use his/her creative or literary work and thereby make a monetary gain.

    Moral rights – ensures the ownership related rights of the owner and is not associated with financial aspects.

    According to the copyright protection law, the original owner may permit or restrict the

    Recreation of the original content by means of audio or print media.

    Playing the content in the public domain.

    Telecasting or broadcasting of the original content

    Translation and adaptation of the original content.

  • The duration of copyright protection in Dubai
    The UAE Copyrights law has clear-cut rules and regulations regarding the duration or validity of the copyright protection. The copyright protection is valid throughout the life of the creator and even after his/her demise. The copyright protection remains valid for another 50 years after the demise of the creator/author, starting from the year succeeding the year of demise. The copyright protection law is also applicable to joint endeavours that comprise of more than one creator/author. In this scenario, the copyright protection is valid throughout the lives of all the creators. Here the additional 50 years is pertinent to the year of demise of the final survivor.

    In another scenario where the creative endeavour is published subsequent to the demise of the creator, the copyright protection has a validity of 50 years commencing from the particular year in which the content got published.
  • Scenarios in which Copyright protection is not applicable

    Copyright protection is not applicable for news reports

    Official documents cannot be copyrighted

    Pertaining to judiciary, judgements and law texts cannot be copyrighted.

    Mathematical notions, processes, principles and ideas cannot be copyrighted

  • Other rights of the copyright owner

    The right to first-time publication of the work is vested in the owner.

    The author has the right to dissent against any work-related changes if the particular change leads to a modification or variation of the original content or causes disrepute to the author.

    The right to withdraw the already-circulated work if there is any valid reason that substantiates the act.

    The original author has the right to offer a license to a 3rd party for further use of the work.

  • Documents required for copyright registration in Dubai,UAE

    Since copyright registration is a legal requirement, it needs to be fulfilled with proper documentation. Given below are the documents needed for copyright registration in Dubai and UAE.

    Copyright registration application form

    Sample of the work

    Passport copy of the author

    The owner details

    Confirmation of fees

    The information regarding the applicant’s contact

    What is Copyright infringement?

    Copyright infringement occurs when an individual exploits an already copyrighted work without the consent of the original author and in the process violates the copyright protection law. Here the individual violates the copyright owner rights that includes the right to replicate the original work, the right to circulate, exhibit or present the copyrighted work, or prepare derivatives of the original content.

    The sanctions imposed for the infringement of the copyright laws in the UAE include financial penalties that range from AED 10000 to AED 200,000 or specific jail terms or both.

    Kiltons team of experts are well-versed with the legality connected with copyright protection law and copyright registration services in Dubai. . If you are a creative enterprise and would like to protect your creative accomplishments or projects from unauthorized duplication or copying, do let us know.

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