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Dreaming of living and working in Dubai, UAE? To work in Dubai, you need a valid Dubai employment visa. Though the process of obtaining a work visa in UAE is comparatively simpler, it would be better if you have a good understanding of the work visa processing in UAE.

UAE has a vibrant and diverse expatriate population. Based on the latest surveys, it is estimated that 80% of the overall population are foreign expatriates. A significant majority of the total population comprises of the foreign expatriates from South Asia. Being one of the most preferred employment destinations in Asia, the UAE government has an integral role in implementing employment and visa-related formalities. The official formalities are pretty smooth and straightforward. We shall go through the formalities in detail.

Dubai is one among the seven emirates in UAE, and the process for getting a Dubai Employment Visa is similar to that of other emirates. Dubai employment visa or work visa in UAE are issued to skilled and qualified professionals who are employed by organizations, companies, institutions, and business enterprises as technicians, engineers, technical experts, senior executives, etc. In order to pursue a job and reside in the UAE, it is mandatory for a foreign national to acquire a valid residency visa. The foreign national may acquire the Work visa after the issuance of the Residency Visa. The Ministry of Labour issues the Labour Car or Employment Work visa in UAE.

In most cases, foreign nationals would have secured a job before they enter the Emirates. Therefore, the foreign nationals need not perform the official Work Visa issuance related formalities all by themselves after the entry. The entire visa related formalities must be carried out by the company hiring the employee. And it is also mandatory by law that the hiring company should bear the expenses involved in attaining the Work visa of the employee.

When it comes to employment in Dubai, UAE the Work visa issued may differ according to the category and duration of the job. The visa application process involves documentation and certain legal procedures. The process is detailed below in a step-by-step format.

As already stated above the foreign expat must acquire a residence visa before obtaining a Work visa. The validity of the residence visa is 3 years. The Residence visa documents are listed below.

  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport size photographs
  • Original passport of the employee and its copy.
  • Legal company card (copy)
  • Trade license of the business
  • Health certificate
  • Entry visa allotted by the Ministry of Labour

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  • Residence visa – Medical prerequisites

    For granting Residence visa, the foreign employee should possess an original health certificate. The health certificate is issued after the applicant conducts a medical examination in any of the authorized medical health centres or hospitals. The applicant is supposed to undergo medical examination strictly in the UAE. The medical examination conducted in any other country will not be considered valid.

    The information regarding the medical examination is listed below.

    • An X-ray examination of the chest
    • Blood tests to detect contagious illnesses like TB, leprosy, Hepatitis and HIV.

    If the applicant is found positive for any of the above-mentioned tests, he/she will not be eligible for a Residence visa. The visa denial is followed by speedy expulsion from the country.

  • The procedure to acquire a Dubai, UAE Work permit

    1. The Entry permit Visa is issued by the Ministry of Labour. The Entry permit visa is issued prior to the issuance of the Work permit. The entire visa application procedures are conducted by the company representing the employee. If the employee applies for employment in any one of the Free zone jurisdictions, the Entry visa must be acquired prior to the entry to the Emirates. The Ministry grants the approval only after verifying whether an unemployed UAE national is eligible for pursuing the same job.

    2. The granting of the approval is followed by the issuance of Entry visa by the Ministry of Labour. The Entry visa allows the employee to enter the Emirates according to the rule of the land. The validity of an Entry visa is two months from the issuance time. The Entry permit visa permits the individual to reside in the UAE for a period of 30 days and this duration can be extended two times.

    3. The employer initiates the official formalities to attain a labour card just after the arrival of the employee. An ID card is allotted if the employee seeks the job in a free zone jurisdiction. Labour cards and ID cards share the same period of validity ie 2 years. The employee has a time period of 60 days to accomplish the Residence visa formalities after arrival and attain a Residence visa. It is recommended to pursue the formalities immediately after the entry to the Emirates.

    4. The employee is then supposed to get the appropriate form typed from a registered typing centre. Visit the service centre for Emirates ID. Carry a legal passport and entry visa for the purpose.

    5. Now the hiring company/ employer is required to initiate the Residence visa formalities at the concerned Immigration department. Meanwhile, the employee is supposed to undergo the obligatory medical examination. The employee may appear for the medical examination at government hospitals or approved health centres. Some jobs necessitate the employee to submit proof of educational accomplishments. These documents require prior verification from the concerned UAE embassy located in the employee’s native country and the UAE Ministry.

    6. The employer needs to collect the Medical fitness certificate from the employee and produce the same before the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai. Submit all the relevant documents. The Residence visa is stamped on the valid passport of the employee.

  • Documents needed to attain Labour Card

    The documents required to attain the Labour card are listed below.

    • Photograph of the applicant
    • Passport of the applicant
    • Medical certificate of the applicant
    • Residence visa
    • Employment agreement (3 copies)
    • Proof of educational accomplishments
    • Valid trade license of the company

    Hiring workers or employees is an indispensable aspect of setting up and managing a business in Dubai. The official formalities are straightforward but are stringent. Any delays or misunderstanding of the legal formality may invite serious consequences as far as the employee is concerned. The hired employees are supposed to meet the Immigration requirements and these requirements might change frequently. Kiltons Business Setup Services assures a trouble-free and fully compliant work visa service in UAE ensuring the immigration formalities in the most professional manner.

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Employment Visa - Dubai

A work visa is mandatory if you want to work in Dubai or any other emirate in the UAE. A Dubai employment visa authorizes you to stay in the emirate and work. Normally, it is the responsibility of the hiring firm to provide the Dubai Employment Visa to the ex-pat employees. We have been serving multinational companies, top conglomerates, and individual business owners for more than two decades. Our meticulous visa services assure you of complete and foolproof documentation.

We guarantee the issuance of a Dubai work visa or UAE employment visa in the quickest possible time. Having a dedicated section of employees for handling all the visa-related services, we have been the first choice of companies for visa formalities.

You may connect with us to know more about the Dubai work visa and associated aspects.

Process for Dubai Employment Visa - Steps in Detail

A streamlined process exists for Dubai employment visas. The employer is responsible for undertaking the procedure as well as paying the visa fee.

- Obtain approval from the Ministry of Labour for hiring a foreign worker. The authorities would examine your needs and issue approval if you are an authorized firm to hire foreign employees.

- The Ministry approves an entry permit valid for thirty days. The entry permit allows the expat to arrive in Dubai and undergo visa-processing formalities.

- After the arrival of the foreign employee using the entry permit, s/he must apply and obtain a Dubai employment visa within sixty days. At the same time, no more than two weeks are required to complete the formalities and obtain a Dubai work visa.

- The employer should obtain a work permit for the employee within the aforementioned period. Our team would handle the entire procedure so that the employer can concentrate on the business.

- The employee is issued with an Emirates ID following applying for the same at an Emirates ID service centre.

- A medical examination is mandatory for a Dubai work visa. The ex-pat employee must visit the authorized medical centre or clinic for undergoing the prescribed tests. A medical test is compulsory for a work visa to ensure that the person is not infected with any contagious diseases or serious ailments.

- After completing the formalities, including medical, the expat employee can apply for a Dubai employment visa at the immigration department.

- The Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD) is the authorized organization for visa stamping. The officials from the department would peruse the application, ascertain the expat’s credibility, and approve the visa.

Dubai work visa processing time differs depending on varying factors. A constant follow-up might be required for ensuring the timely issuance of the visa. About ten working days is the time taken for the completion of the visa process, normally.

The employment visa in the UAE is normally valid for two years. Even then, the exact validity may differ depending on the sponsor. Accordingly, the work visa may be valid for a year or for three years.

Any person above the age of 18 can apply for a Dubai employment visa. Workers from any foreign country (excluding a few countries) can opt to work in the UAE. You may reach out to us to know more about the work visa process and the countries excluded from the list.

Employment Visa Requirements for UAE

We are listing here the basic requirements for obtaining a Dubai employment visa.

- Duly filled application

- Original and copy of the passport

- Passport size photographs

- Copy of company card

- Health certificate issued by a competent authority

- Entry permit from the Ministry of Labour

- Application fee payment receipt


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