Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

Free Zone company formation is one of the most rewarding business options one can choose in the United Arab Emirates. A business set up in the Free Zone jurisdiction in Ajman can turn the game in favour of you. Read on if you are one of those dreamers who want to reap a fortune in one of the most fertile emirates for businesses, Ajman.

Ajman has exemplary investor-friendly policies that are constructive for business development. A company formation in Ajman free Zone is undoubtedly the best decision one can take. You can proceed with the setting up of a business firm with complete support from the authority. An expatriate can have 100% ownership in the business entity in the Free Zone. Besides exclusive tax exemptions and other advantages. 

Kiltons business setup services have been instrumental in setting up of many successful business firms in Ajman. We invite business persons to discuss the Ajman free zone company formation, Mainland Company Formation in Ajman , or Offshore company formation in Ajman easily and kick-start your business at the earliest.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

  • What is the type of companies permissible in AFZ?
    • The types of companies you can set up in Ajman Free Zone are:

      - Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

      - Free Zone Company (FZC)

      - Branch of a Foreign Company

      - Branch of a Local Company

  • What are the types of licenses available in Ajman Free Zone?
    • - Commercial license

      - Industrial license

      - E-commerce license

      - Trading license

  • What are the main benefits of starting a company in AFZ?
    • There are many benefits including the following:

      - Strategic location

      - Great connectivity

      - Well-planned infrastructure

      - Investor-friendly regulations

      - Affordable energy rate

      - Availability of skilled labour

  • Is a local Emirati sponsor required for starting a company in Ajman Free Zone?
    • No, any ex-pat can have 100% ownership in the company set up in Ajman Free Zone.

  • What are the taxes applicable to Free Zone companies in Ajman?
    • Ajman Free Zone companies are exempted from personal and corporate taxes. Neither there are any export or import duties.

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Company formation in Ajman Free Zone

You may be an ex-pat considering new markets to expand and grow. Or a newbie thinking of starting a business for the first time. Either way, Ajman Free Zone company setup will be an ideal option to set out for the journey in the world of business. Businesses are the basic component in fortifying the economy of a region. Understanding this fact, the visionary political leadership extends all the support to business entities by instituting lenient business regulations and procedures.

1. Finalize and Formulate Business Activities

You may identify your area of business and the intended activities to promote it. You can establish almost all of the legal businesses in the jurisdiction without any difficulty. Once you finalize and formulate the type of business activities, you will have a clear idea about it. We can advise you concerning the kind of businesses that can ensure a better ROI. Alternatively, guide the steps necessary for commencing the business activity planned. 

2. Register the Trade Name

Although it’s a simple step, the trade name has to be according to the laid down policies. Then only the authority will approve the usage of the business name. The name you choose should not be already in use by any other organization in the domain, and should not imply religious or political orientation. If you are using your name for the business, only the expanded version of the name is allowed.

3. Apply for Business License

You are authorized to form only four types of entities in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ), viz. Free Zone Company (FZC), Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Branch of a Foreign Company and Branch of a UAE company.  

The process of application may have minor variations depending on the type of company you plan to set up. Apply in the requisite format, along with all the documents, for a business license. The Free Zone authority will peruse the documents and issue licenses in due course. The documents and certificates are to be examined thoroughly, before submitting, to avoid any kind of discrepancies. 

4. Open a Corporate Bank Account

There are a plethora of banks to choose from. You can opt for either domestic or international banks. Being an expert in the field, we can be of great help to you in providing you guidance regarding the pros and cons of each bank and aiding you in choosing the right one. 

5. Obtain Visa

The number of visas authorized will depend on the size of your company. There are other criteria too. Once you have the business license, you can apply for visas and recruit employees accordingly. 

Advantages of Company formation in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone company setup is advantageous in many ways. It has been a proven way to riches for many of the entrepreneurs. The advantages of Starting a company in Ajman Free Zone include the following:

- Expats can have100% ownership 

- No personal or corporate tax

- 100% repatriation of profit and capital

- Advanced infrastructure

- Commercial or industrial space can be leased for a period up to 20 years and can be extended for another 20 years

- Well-connected to other regions

- Quick setting up of a business is possible

- No export or import duties

- Competitive operating costs 

- Offices with advanced amenities readily available at affordable rates

- Reasonable energy charges 

Documents Required for Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

The documents required may defer according to the type of company you are establishing. 

For a New Business Entity 

- Business plan in case of commercial or industrial license

- Copies of passport of shareholders and proposed manager

- Passport size photograph (03) 

- 3 proposed names for the company

Branch of a Foreign Company (in addition to the above documents)

- Memorandum of Association (MOA)

- Article of Association (AOA)

- Certificate of Incorporation

- Board Resolution

- Feasibility study report (on as required basis)

- Power of Attorney (if required)

Branch of a UAE-based Company (in addition to the documents required for a new company, the following documents are required)

- Certificate from Chamber of Commerce and Industry

- License in Original

- Company registration documents

- Prepared business plan in case of a commercial or industrial establishment

- Additional documents sought by the authority

Set Up Ajman Free Zone Company with Kiltons

Kiltons business setup services are one of the most renowned organisations in the UAE. We have been supporting ex-pats and residents in establishing companies in Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other regions in the country. Established in 1999, we have more than two decades of experience in the field. 

We will extend the best support for Ajman Free Zone company setup. Trustworthy and dedicated services have been pivotal in setting up and growing many successful firms around the UAE.

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