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Trade license is one of the most important aspects of Company formation in Dubai or UAE. Attaining the business license in Dubai is not at all an uphill task with proactive assistance and guidance from experienced Kiltons Business License Consultants. Our professional team for business license services in Dubai, UAE helps you to obtain a license in UAE for your commercial, industrial, professional or other types of business license in the Mainland, Freezone and Off-shore domains. Depending on the nature of your business entity, we will help you get the right business license in Dubai for its smooth operation and maintenance.

Our proficient professionals will guide you concerning the best business license in Dubai, UAE that can fetch you optimum results. We will assist you in setting up a business in Dubai and other regions in the UAE. Kiltons has been instrumental in the establishment and successful journey of business entities across the country. With more than two decades of experience, we have become one of the leading and sought after business setup and licensing services in Dubai.

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Mainland License

Setting up a mainland company in Dubai can be a very lucrative investment option for investors and business establishments. Mainland companies are business entities that are allowed to function and operate within the boundaries of Emirati jurisdiction that come under commercialized geographical regions.

Freezone License

A Free zone is a geographical region or jurisdiction which is allowed to conduct a predefined trading activity or set of activities in the UAE. The licenses are issued based on the particular business activity of the company.

Offshore License

An offshore company is a business establishment that conducts its operation outside of the location of its origin or original location of registration.

  • Business License in Dubai, UAE

    Resident companies

    The procedures involved in acquiring a business license in Dubai consist of accomplishing various official formalities. And the most important ones are getting approval from concerned government authorities like the Department of Economic Development and submission of required documents.

    These procedures are pretty straightforward but can become confusing depending on your business activity and jurisdiction of the business. Moreover, a first-time investor may find it a bit daunting to accomplish the tasks without external help. A wrong step or inappropriate documentation or even lack of understanding of the formalities may take away your precious time. And after all, TIME is MONEY.

    Kiltons team of experts has decades of experience in assisting small and medium enterprises, established business conglomerates and startups set up business in Dubai, UAE. We offer you precise guidance regarding the license that you should apply for based on your specific business activity. We serve as a bridge between our clients and the government authorities facilitating effective communication between the two parties. Kiltons team of experts offers Trade License approval service along with License renewal. We send timely reminders to the client well before the expiry of the license to avoid fines.

  • Commercial License

    Commercial License in UAE is mandatory for any business establishment that aims to buy or sell commodities. This license is necessary to conduct trading both in and out of the Emirates. There are many business activities that make use of a valid Commercial Trade License in the UAE. And some of the major activities are goods and commodities trading, import and export, real estate business, logistics enterprises and a lot more. The authority in charge of issuance of the Commercial License is the Department of Economic Development (DED).

    The process for obtaining a commercial license will involve applications to different departments and ministries depending on the type of commodity you intend to trade. The laid down procedure has to be pursued meticulously to get the commercial license issued. Erroneous application or discrepancy in documents can result in rejection of the application. Our team will assist you in accomplishing the application process successfully and will get your commercial license in a time-bound manner. 

  • Industrial License

    Evident from its name, an Industrial License in UAE is essential for all business establishments that undertake industry-oriented initiatives in Dubai, UAE. Some of the prominent business activities that make use of Industrial License in UAE are aluminium manufacture, oil and petroleum industry, etc. The Department of Economic Development is the sole authority in charge of issuing an Industrial Trade License in UAE.

    Manufacturing and excavation industries offer many opportunities for the growth of firms. Therefore, the entrepreneurs opting to establish industries in the UAE have seen a gradual rise since long. The exclusive team at Kiltons, for helping clients to gain an industrial license in the shortest possible time, is well versed with procedures. This has been vital in processing the formalities in a quick time.

  • Professional License

    Professional license is another type of business license in Dubai and UAE, issued to individuals who are skilled in a particular profession and practice the same profession to earn revenue. Professionals licenses are also required for companies that are service-focused. A professional license is mandatory for all service-focused firms like consultancy services, accounting firms, healthcare services, professionals like teachers, lawyers and trade-oriented professions like carpentry, etc. The Department of Economic Development issues a Professional License in Dubai.

    Since Dubai and other regions in the UAE has numerous emigrants requiring professional support. A professional license will be your bridge to a successful life. We have been serving professionals since 1999, for identifying the best market, strategizing the business operations and setting up their businesses. We are happy to share our expertise we gained over the years with our esteemed clients.

  • Tourism License

    Dubai is one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations and its significance as a travel and leisure hub is growing day by day. Much of the credit goes to its impeccable infrastructure and connectivity. Business establishments that operate in the travel and tourism sector require a valid Tourism License in Dubai. Hotels, restaurants, travel agents require a Tourism License. The license approval is carried out by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

    Free zone license is issued based on the type of business activity. The type of business activity varies with the Free zone jurisdiction as each Free zone is assigned with a set of business activities. Therefore, the license issued varies with the Free Zone in which the company is incorporated. As of 2019, there are more than 40 free zones in the UAE. twofour54, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) are some of the major free zones in the UAE. Free zone licenses are issued by the Free zone authority of the concerned Free zone jurisdiction. Free zone Authority of the respective jurisdiction issues a wide variety of business licenses and some of them are Commercial, Manufacturing, Media, e-commerce, Industrial and Consultancy.

    An Offshore License is not required for an Offshore company to operate in Dubai or UAE. The mandatory document required to operate is a Certificate of Incorporation. As licensing is not required for offshore company formation, the company incorporation procedures can be easily accomplished. An offshore company can be incorporated in any one of the Offshore jurisdictions depending on the type of business activity. The prominent offshore jurisdictions in the UAE are Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK).

    Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC provides business licenses approved by the concerned authority irrespective of the jurisdiction in the UAE. In the past decades, Kiltons has offered stupendous support and guidance to business establishments to attain business licenses in UAE Mainland and Free Zone. The authorities issue the business license in Dubai and UAE after conducting detailed scrutiny and document verification. Mediation with multiple government bodies and agencies might be necessary depending on the business activity. Therefore, availing the service of an experienced business professional to deal with the authorities will surely help save your time, money and energy. Get in touch with Kiltons professionals for excellent business or trade license services in the UAE and to resolve your license-related queries.

    Mediation with multiple government bodies and agencies might be necessary depending on the business activity. Our cordial relation with the top echelons of the UAE authority helps us in providing the best output to the customers. Therefore, availing the service of an experienced business professional to deal with the authorities will surely help save your time, money and energy. Get in touch with Kiltons professionals for excellent business or trade license services in the UAE and to resolve your license-related queries.

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In the past two decades, Kiltons has served clients from a wide range of business domains. We have provided Business setup related services in the Emirates to investors around the world, from sole proprietorship firms to big business houses and industrial concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions On Business Licensing In Dubai

  • What are the business jurisdictions in Dubai?
    • There are 03 business jurisdictions in the UAE, viz. Mainland, Free zone, and Offshore. You can opt to establish the business in the domain of your choice. The advantages of each domain will depend on the type of business. It is advisable to discuss with us regarding the most suitable jurisdiction for your business. 

  • What will be the cost of a business set up in Dubai?
    • The cost of setting up a business entity in Dubai will depend on various factors including license fees, charges for different zones etcetera. Kiltons will provide you budget-friendly and cost-effective service packages that will help you to concentrate and kick-start your business.
  • How many types of trade licenses are available in Dubai? What are they?
    • There are mainly three types of trade licenses available in Dubai, based on the type of business you are planning to establish, viz. Commercial License, Industrial License, and Professional License. Dubai Tourism License is also available, which is for travel and tourism service providers. The Dubai Economic Department (DED) is the main agency for issuing business licenses.
  • What are the basic steps for establishing an entity and commencing business operations in Dubai?
    • The steps for establishing a business firm in Dubai are as follows: - Confirming the type of business - Finalizing the trade name (according to the laid down specifications) - Finding a location - Obtaining initial approval - Renting or leasing commercial and official space and attesting Ejari - Preparing legal structure - Applying for trade license - Obtaining a license and commencing business operations - Incorporation of the company and registration with Dubai Chamber of Commerce/ other designated authorities
  • How long is a business license valid?
    • The business license is issued for a period of one year. It has to be renewed annually after paying the renewal fee. Delays and non-renewal will invite penalties and legal complications.
  • Can I establish an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in the Mainland with 100% ownership?
    • Yes, Kiltons provides assistance for those who want to establish an LLC (Limited Liability Company) with 100% ownership in the mainland with some support documents.

Steps to Getting a Trade License 

The process getting a trade license in Dubai is structured as follows:

1. Select a Business name

Getting a business or trade name is the first and foremost step when applying for a business/trade license. The business name that you select has to adhere to the guidelines of the UAE government. The name selected for your business should not form any resemblance to the existing names and should not be blasphemous or without any moral disregard. 

2. Define the legal structure

The legal structure you intend to comply with for your business has to be stated. The legal structure defines the method or manner in which the business is going to conduct and who will be liable or responsible for the various activities carried out by the business.

3. Define Business Activities

Once the business’s name and legal structure is decided, the next step is to determine the activities that the business has been set up to conduct. The business license can be obtained only for the stated number of activities. A designated business license will only allow the business owner to list out ten activities. 

4. Complete the Application Form

The next step is to fill in an application and submit the same for DED’s initial approval. 

5. Get in additional approvals

If your business activity requires additional external approvals, make sure you obtain those approvals at the earliest. You have to be aware of these requirements and approvals before proceeding with your business license application. If not, there are high chances of rejection of the application for a trade license. 

6. Choosing a business location

There are different business locations that a business owner can choose from. You can choose your business in the mainland or freezone. You also require a tenancy contract. Ejari attests that the tenancy contract has to be submitted along with the rest of the documents for a business license in Dubai. 

7. Pay your licensing fees

Applying for a trade license in Dubai is not free of charge. There are both issuance fees and license fees for applying for business licenses. 

Documents Required 

The documents expected of the entity applying for the trade license might change. But there are standard requirements of documents which is stated below:

> Trade name certificate

> Initial approval certificate

> Dubai Municipality and RERA attested Tenancy Agreement using Ejari online feature

> Memorandum of Association

> Government’s Approvals

Why is a Business License in Dubai Needed?

The Dubai Government's trade license issue service helps you get trade license in Dubai easily. To start a business in Dubai is itself a global recognition. There are many advantages to starting a business in Dubai and this is the main reason why there are many entrepreneurs who plan to start their own businesses in Dubai. 

1. Helps in enhancing global trade

The general trading license gives the business owner the ability to import and export products and services. The license gives the business global visibility which in turn helps in the growth of the business exponentially. 

2. Credibility

The Dubai trade license is known for its value. The authority that grants trade licenses in Dubai has devised a fool-proof system which ensures that there will be no untoward activities conducted by the business owners in possession of the trade license. It direct;y contributes to increasing the credibility of the business entity or organisation. The business also receives wider exposure and recognition in the global market.

3. Tax benefits

The most prominent reason for opting to start an entrepreneurial venture in the city of Dubai is the kind of tax benefits offered by the government.  The tax reductions and benefits are induced by the Dubai Government to increase the flow of trade in Dubai and make it a global business hub. The business owners are able to re-invest the amount which other ways have been spent off as taxes. This will eventually also help in bringing up the profit margin.

4. Less Trade Restrictions

The business forefront in Dubai pushes forth a general set of activities that can be done in the country. This list of activities is a fairly large one which implies that almost any activity can be conducted in Dubai. There are a set of activities that are considered to be illegal but it is comparatively small.

5. Easy License Approval

Dubai’s trade licences are approved within a very short period. There is no difficulty in setting up and obtaining the trade license as far every step is properly abided by the applicant.

6. Sponsor Visas

Dubai’s visa process for dependents and for employees can be obtained without much of a struggle or complications. Once you have obtained the trade license, the rest of the procedures become easier.