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The world has turned into a close-knit society with the internet. The arrival of digital technology has  revolutionized businesses. It has a phenomenal effect on the entrepreneurial spectrum of Dubai and other emirates in the UAE as well. The IT industry in Dubai alone is considered to be worth 50 billion USD (approx.) IT business setup in Dubai can be a game-changer for you in several ways.

Obtaining an Information technology license in Dubai and commencing operations would be your gateway to prosperity. Our professionals have exceptional expertise in the business set up formalities; they will help you in company formation in Dubai. With Kiltons supporting and guiding your investment in the IT sector, the journey would be productive and will render you outstanding results.

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Frequently Asked Questions on IT Business Setup in Dubai

  • Can an IT company in Dubai Mainland be established by an expat in 100% ownership?
    • Yes, as per the latest amendments, an expat is authorized to establish a company in Dubai Mainland in 100% ownership.

  • Which are the type of licenses available for an IT business setup in Dubai?
    • Two types of licenses are available for an IT business setup in Dubai, viz. Commercial and Professional.
  • How long will it take for setting up a software development company?
    • The time frame will depend on several factors. However, it is observed to take a maximum of 05 days in normal circumstances.
  • Is an address in Dubai mandatory for the IT company?
    • Yes. If the company is operating in Dubai, it must have a registered address here.
  • How to open a corporate bank account in Dubai?
    • You have to submit certain documents for opening a corporate bank account in Dubai. You may reach out to us to have a detailed idea about it.

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Why Set Up an IT Business?

Dubai offers great advantages for the IT firms in the region. An ex-pat or resident investor aspiring to reap a fortune must consider starting an IT company in Dubai. It has ample growth prospects with several reputed and well-established firms searching for reliable IT support to expand their digital presence and establish their identity in the virtual world. The main reasons on why you should proceed setting up a software development company in Dubai include:

a) Quick, hassle-free, Setup

This is the most prominent feature that has been driving entrepreneurs to choose Dubai for investment in the IT industry. The policies formulated by the licensing and business approval authorities have been simple and farsighted to attract maximum entities. Our support will be instrumental in selecting the right jurisdiction, hiring or leasing office space, choosing the perfect location and many other aspects that will be useful for the company’s growth.

b) Cost-effective

The IT business setup formalities in Dubai, including obtaining an Information Technology license in Dubai, is cost-effective. As the authorities have stipulated only a nominal fee for all the activities. Making you reap a fortune without shelling out a big amount during the initial stage.

c) Go alone or with Partners

You can think of starting an IT consultancy firm by yourself or along with partners. The regulations in Dubai don’t put any restrictions regarding the same. Contemplate what is better for you and simply go ahead with your decision.

d) Freelancing Options

Do you like to be an IT freelancer in Dubai, instead of setting up a company? No issues at all. Freelancing is a highly rewarding option in a developed emirate like Dubai. Put up the application to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or to the Free Zone where you want to begin the work. Follow the laid down procedure to get an Information Technology License in Dubai at the earliest. Don’t forget to attach the documents confirming your identity and qualifications.

e) Visa for Employees

Recruit IT professionals from the countries you want. The IT company set up in Dubai allows you to issue visas for the employees for your software development company, IT consultancy, or IT setup in Dubai.  

f) Sponsoring Your Family

As you have started a digital firm, IT company, or software development company in Dubai, you can sponsor your spouse and other family members. This is another advantage of obtaining a software company license in Dubai or other similar licenses and starting an IT company in Dubai.

How to Obtain an Information Technology License in Dubai, UAE?

The procedure for obtaining an IT license and starting an IT company in Dubai is unfussy and easy. We are listing out the steps involved for you to have a brief idea about starting a business in IT.

1. Choose the Jurisdiction

Choose whether you want the IT business setup in Dubai Mainland or Free Zone.

2. Choose the Type of Business License in Dubai

The license could be a commercial license or professional license in Dubai. It would depend on the business activity you are planning.

3. Select a Trading Name

If you are planning to set up a software development company in Dubai, IT consultancy or any other IT firm in Dubai, you must decide on the trading name for it. Select a name that meets the guidelines issued by the authority

4. Prepare Legal Structure

Legal structure has to be prepared and notarized by an authorized notary.

5. Rent or Lease Space

Office space in UAE /commercial space, depending on your needs, has to be obtained and the agreement concluded.

6. Pay the Fee

Pay the relevant fee.

7. Obtain License

Once you complete the official formalities the DED or the Free Zone authority will issue you with an IT business license in Dubai.

Documents Required for Starting an IT Company in UAE

The documents required for starting a business in IT include the following:

-          Copy of passport of the owner and shareholders

-          Attested certificates confirming the qualification and experience if you plan to start a consultancy or applying for an IT freelancing license in Dubai

-          Notarized Memorandum of Association (MOA)

-          Notarized Article of Association (AOA)

-          Rent/ Lease Agreement (notarized)

Why Kiltons for IT Company Setup in UAE?

Kiltons Business Setup Services tops the firms providing business setup in Dubai. We have a strong and unblemished legacy of more than two decades. Established in 1999, we have been providing reliable and trustworthy services to the esteemed clientele for the past twenty-two years.

We assure quick and easy IT company formation in Dubai with our professionals supporting you. Our cordial relationship with the ruling royal family and officials at the authority makes it easy and convenient to conclude the complete process of setting up a software development company without any issues or delays.

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