Business Setup in Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City (DMC) established in 2001, has turned into a regional media hub quickly. Operating under the domain of Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone (DTMFZ), it is managed by Technology Electronic Commerce and Media group (TECOM). The visionary leadership Dubai envisaged this exclusive Free Zone for media, advertisement and entertainment-related industries, to provide optimal support through exclusively designed infrastructure and essential amenities. Having attained the image as the most supportive and conducive jurisdiction for steady and stable development of media entities, this Free Zone houses elite media houses including Reuters, CNN and Forbes.

Kiltons Business Setup Services commenced the journey a couple of years before Dubai Media City, i.e. in 1999. In the past twenty-one years, we have been instrumental in aiding business setup in Dubai Media City, for many successful entities. We endeavour to be the encouraging, as well as, mentoring agency for company formation in Dubai Media City. And guide the firms to riches through our prolonged experience in the field. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Setup in Dubai Media City

  • What are the business activities permitted in DMC?
    • The business activities permitted in DMC include Media services, Advertisement, Marketing , Event Management, & Printed and Visual News Media.

  • What are the advantages of business setup in DMC?
    • The several benefits of business formation in DMC include Zero personal and corporate tax, Nil customs duties on import, Nil charges on repatriation of capital and profit, Single window system for all government approvals and services & more.
  • Will there be office space of different dimensions available in Dubai Media City, for me to choose?
    • Yes. There are different types and sizes of office space available in DMC for you to choose from. It includes fully equipped, as well as, non-fitted offices.
  • I want an office space of my own dimension in the design I prefer. Is that possible in DMC?
    • You can design and construct the way you want your office in DMC. There are no restrictions regarding the same. Contact us to know more.
  • I want to bring my family to Dubai. Am I authorized to sponsor my family?
    • You can sponsor your family and domestic help if you want. The authority allows that. It has laid down certain regulations regarding the sponsorship. Talk to our professionals to have detailed info about it.

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Business Types and Allowed Activities in Dubai Media City

Three types of business setup or functioning are permissible in DMC. The expat or resident entrepreneur can choose the most favourable company setup in Dubai Media City, to reap the best result.

Free Zone Company (FZC) – Start an FZC in DMC and operate as an independent entity.  

Branch of a Foreign or UAE Firm – Establish a Dubai Media City business setup branch of a foreign or resident firm.

Freelance Permit – Are you thinking of working as a freelancer in DMC? You can obtain a freelance permit to work in your profession or provide freelance service to individuals and firms. Dubai Freelance Visa with which you can stay in Dubai as well as bring your family. 

The DMC allows business activities in different fields, pertaining to media, advertisement, and entertainment. The companies in this Free Zone can involve in the following businesses:

- Media services

- Advertisement

- Marketing 

- Event Management

- Printed and Visual News Media

Procedure for Dubai media city Business setup

You will have to submit your business plan and passport details to DTMFZ authority, along with an application, initially. The process for company formation in Dubai media city will entail online application and other relevant processes. The steps involved are:

- Minimum share capital of AED 50K is mandatory for Dubai Media City business setup

- Submit an online application including all the details. The Free Zone Authority will peruse the application and grant approval in a timeline of 05 days.

- Subsequent to receipt of approval for your DMC business setup application, the DTMFZ authority will seek submission of all the essential documents stated by them. 

- Once the authority verifies all the documents and confirms the authenticity, they will issue a client confirmation letter. Stating the approval for your application for company formation in Dubai Media City. 

- On receipt of the confirmation, pay the necessary fee for DMC business setup 

- Official formalities, including formulation and signing of Memorandum of Association (MOA), in the presence of shareholders, preparation of Article of Association (AOA) and so on.

- Crediting of stated share capital

- Lease and license issuance by TECOM

Documents Required for Business Setup in Dubai Media City

The documents, you need to submit, for Dubai Media City business setup are:

- Separate application forms, in the stipulated format, for company registration and Business license in Dubai.

- Business plan

- Copy of passport of the owner/ manager/ legal rep/ director (in colour)

- Board resolution

- Notarized Memorandum of Association (MOA)

- Notarized Article of Association (AOA)

- Proof for share capital

- Specimen signatures of authorized personnel including director and manager

Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Media City

A plethora of advantages await the business setup in DMC:

- Zero personal and corporate tax

- Nil customs duties on import

- Nil charges on repatriation of capital and profit (100% repatriation)

- Conducive environment for media services

- Extensive, advanced, infrastructure for supporting the media and advertising firms

- Single window system for all government approvals and services

Kiltons Business Setup Services in Dubai Media City

Reach out to Kiltons for professional support on company formation in Dubai Media City. Our team will undertake the process of business setup in DMC in a time-bound manner to help you commence the operations at the earliest. The comprehensive service from us will be the guiding light and unwavering help throughout setup and business operations.

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