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The E-commerce industry is growing at a massive rate. Most of the major business firms have an online presence. Either through a third-party website or its web portal. The E-commerce platform is a solution to many restraints encountered by business entities. Setting up an e-commerce business in UAE can be your first step to riches. 

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Frequently asked questions on Set Up Ecommerce Business in Dubai

  • Where to apply for a Mainland e-commerce license in UAE?
    • The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the organization authorized for the issuance of a Mainland e-commerce license in Dubai. The application must be submitted to the DED along with the documents.
  • What is an EIN?
    • EIN or Employer Identification Number is a nine-digit number essentially required for some types of business structures. Contact us to know more about EIN and the procedure to apply for it.
  • What is an e-trader license?
    • E-trader license is only authorized for Emiratis and GCC nationals and not for ex-pats. The e-trader license allows them to carry out online trading activities.
  • How to set up an Ecommerce business in UAE?
    • The setting up of e-commerce business in Dubai, UAE begins with research about the right business sector, development of the website, choosing the jurisdiction and so on. Talk to us to have a detailed idea about the same and obtain an eCommerce License in UAE.

  • Is company registration mandatory for e-commerce business setup in UAE?
    • Yes, the e-commerce business has to be registered with the authority. And the eCommerce License in UAE has to be renewed annually.

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Procedure for E-commerce Company Formation in UAE

The investor-friendly political regime has formulated an easy process for obtaining eCommerce License Dubai and e-commerce business setup in UAE. The ex-pat or resident entrepreneur doesn’t have to sweat to complete the process and commence the business. Listed below are the procedures  of starting an eCommerce business in Dubai, UAE:

1. Choose the Business Activity

Confirm which business activity you want to undertake before going ahead with the process. We will help you identify rewarding business sectors that could be beneficial for you in reaping optimum profits. 

2. Study and Confirm the Jurisdiction

The decision to choose the jurisdiction lies exclusively with you. Of course, our professional team will aid you in understanding the pros and cons of each jurisdiction, which would be vital in augmenting the growth prospects. Choose Mainland or Free Zone domain anywhere in the UAE for your e-commerce business setup in Dubai, UAE.

3. Choose a Trading Name for your E-commerce Solution in UAE

The country has specific guidelines regarding the naming of the business. You must abide by the stipulations and choose a trading name for your e-commerce business setup in Dubai. All the approvals and correspondences will be in the business name. 

4. Obtain a Trading License

Apply with the required documents to the authority, for obtaining a trading license in Dubai. The authority will scrutinize the documents and if found satisfactory, will issue a eCommerce License Dubai without any delays. 

Documents Required for a UAE E-commerce Business Setup

The authority doesn’t ask for many documents for issuing an Ecommerce License Dubai when it comes to starting your e-commerce business setup in UAE. Only the certificates and documents confirming your identity, qualification, or experience to commence an e-commerce business and the documents proving the business activities and legal structure are required for obtaining business approval and Ecommerce license in Dubai. 

The documents required for e-commerce business in Dubai, UAE are:

- Copy of passport of the owner and shareholders

- Copy of visa of responsible individuals

- Memorandum of Association

- No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the present employer or responsible authority

- Local Service Agreement

How to Set up Ecommerce Business in UAE

The process to launch an ecommerce business in UAE is not different from anywhere else. Any entrepreneur planning to start an e-commerce company should prepare all the basic set up and proceed only after undertaking tests and trials of the same.  

1. Website Development

You must have a custom-tailored website designed and developed if you are planning online business from your portal. The website must be beta tested to ensure excellent performance. UAE is a highly competitive market. Hence, any lacunae in the online portal can affect the business adversely. 

2. Online Payment Gateway

The online payment gateway must be secure enough for the customers to use the facility without any concerns. Make sure that you are associating with reputed and proven firms to facilitate online cash transactions. Constant monitoring from the assigned agency would be necessary to prevent phishing or other kinds of online frauds. 

3. Warehousing 

One of the most favourable aspects of online business is that it doesn’t require a dedicated commercial space. You can store the items anywhere convenient to you. However, you must check and confirm the safety and security of the space you select for warehousing. Ensure that the area is free of rodents and other problems.  

4. Launch 

Use social media platforms effectively to get the word out about the launch of your online portal. E-commerce business setup in Dubai Must be publicized through all the possible channels.

5. Marketing

Marketing is an unavoidable part of the case of an e-commerce business setup in Dubai. Since it is a virtual store, explore the possibilities of digital marketing. An experienced digital marketing firm will help you with search engine optimization and similar methods for displaying the business to potential clients. 

Why Kiltons for E-commerce Business Setup in UAE?

Kiltons Business Setup Services has etched the name as the most reliable business setup services in the UAE through a dedicated and devoted commitment to our clients. Established in 1999, we have been the main force behind the successful ventures of many ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs. We suggest the best business activities and productive business setup methodologies to our clients, to make them a winner in the field. Further, our cordial relationship with the ruling royal family and officials enable us to provide the best support to the entrepreneurs.

We can be your right partner to nurture and nourish your business dreams. Reach out to us today and commence the journey towards your dreams. Our proficient professionals will act as if your right hand to handle all the issues efficiently and make your business journey trouble-free. 

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