Mainland Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates has been one of the fertile destinations for starting business ventures and opening new branches. The rulers of the emirates have been prudent to extend optimal support to expatriates and residents in setting up new businesses. In turn, benefiting the economy of the emirate.

Recognizing the impact foreign investors can have on the financial stability and growth of the emirate, the authority formulated an easy-to-pursue business set up process. Although this is the case, support from our experienced professionals will expedite the process. Further, we will provide you with guidance concerning the best business activity for you, the type of license required, the right location and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mainland Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

  • Is it easy to set up a mainland company in Abu Dhabi?
    • The emirate is investor-friendly and the process is straightforward. Hence, you can establish a business entity in Abu Dhabi without any difficulty.
  • Can I submit unattested documents for company formation in Abu Dhabi?
    • No. All the documents you submit have to be attested by the consulate/ embassy of the UAE in the home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE.
  • Can I recruit employees from other countries?
    • You will find excellent availability of manpower in Ab Dhabi. Nonetheless, you can also recruit men from other countries after obtaining visa approval from the competent authorities.
  • What are the advantages of the formation of Abu Dhabi Mainland Company?
    • There are several advantages:

      - Advanced infrastructure facilities that will be beneficial for your firm

      - Simple and easy business set up process

      - Supportive authorities

      - Availability of utilities at affordable costs

      - Unlike other emirates, the trade license in Abu Dhabi is valid for two years

  • I want to start an LLC in Abu Dhabi, is a local sponsor a mandatory requirement?
    • Yes. You need to have a local Emirati sponsor, for starting a Limited Liability Company in Abu Dhabi. The local sponsor will hold 51% shares in the company.

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How to Set Up a Business in Abu Dhabi Mainland

You must finalize the business activity, the jurisdiction where you want to set up the business and the type of business license you need. A professional service firm will need a professional license, a business entity performing trading and related activities will require a commercial license to carry out the business and so on. The business set up procedure will solely depend on all these aspects.

A business firm in Abu Dhabi mainland will need a local sponsor, who will hold 51% of shares of the company. The ex-pat shareholders can hold the remaining 49% of shares. On the other hand, an expatriate can hold 100% shares on the professional firm set up in Abu Dhabi. A local service agent is a mandatory requirement in that case. The relevant agreements with the local sponsor or local service agent have to be concluded to progress the business set up formalities. 

Above all, the procedure for company formation in Abu Dhabi mainland  differs from setting up a business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone. A Free Zone business set up is comparatively easier than the former one. 

Discuss with us if you are considering a business setup in Abu Dhabi mainland. We have been one of the leading business set up services in UAE, since establishment in 1999. You can talk to our experts to progress the setting up. 

Procedure for Company Formation in Abu Dhabi Mainland 

The procedure for company formation in Abu Dhabi mainland  is similar in every emirate in the country. A thorough understanding of the process will help you obtain a business license at the earliest and start full-fledged business activities. 

We are elaborating the steps involved in setting up a mainland business in Abu Dhabi to help you familiarize with the process. 

Finalize the Basics – You need to finalize the type of business activity you are planning, the jurisdiction you consider, the business license you need, the location and other related factors before commencing the procedure for company formation in Abu Dhabi. The whole process will depend on the type of license you require. Besides, you will have to obtain approvals and authorizations from relevant ministries and departments. 

Apply for Initial Approval – The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi issues initial approval for establishing a business in Abu Dhabi mainland. The requisite documents, certificates and identity proofs must accompany the application for initial approval. 

Find a Reliable Local Sponsor – A local Emirati sponsor is a mandatory requirement for company formation in Abu Dhabi mainland . The sponsor will hold 51% shares of the company and the authority will address all the legal and financial matters to him. Therefore, you must be certain concerning the credibility of the sponsor. Otherwise, any dispute arising in the future may lead to unwanted complications. We provide reliable local sponsors, who will turn constructive for the development of your business. 

Prepare Legal Structure – The Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) form the constitution of the company. It will have the company policies, responsibilities of the individual, authority assigned to each member and son. You need to prepare the documents and notarize those. It is advisable to obtain guidance from an experienced business set up service in Abu Dhabi to formulate the documents. As the legal structure has an unquestionable role to play in the success of a firm.

Rent/ Lease Space – You will need office space and commercial space (if required) for starting the business. Find a suitable space, as per the laid down dimension specifications, at the right location. It may be noted that the location plays an important role in the progress of a business. Conclude the agreement with the owner and attest the same at the authorities. 

Additional Approvals (if needed) – A few types of businesses will have to acquire additional approvals from ministries and departments. Prepare the application and forward it along with the requisite documents. 

Obtain Business License – Once you have completed all the above-mentioned process, forward application for issuance of trade/ business license. All the documents, including approvals from ministries and departments, copies of passport, renting of office and commercial space, agreement with the local sponsor or local service agent and notarized MOA and AOA have to be attached to the application. 

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Forget confusions and complications. Reach out to us to fast-track your business set up and start the business in Abu Dhabi mainland at the earliest. Our professionals have more than two decades of experience in business setup in Abu Dhabi. They will extend their best support that will be instrumental in the growth of your company. 

Kiltons was established in 1999. We have been providing unparalleled support to expatriates and residents in setting up business entities in Abu Dhabi mainland. The clients have lauded our flawless advice, concerted efforts and committed actions. We endeavour to render the best service to business organizations. 

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