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Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) is the most renowned Free Zone in Dubai. It was established in 2002 to promote business activities in precious metals, jewels, diamonds and stones, energy, tea, cotton, minerals and metals, fuel sector and so on. Topping the business centres across the globe, this Free Zone has about 9000 successful entities operating. To have a great entrepreneurial journey, you can simply go ahead with a DMCC business setup. Our professionals are there to support your company formation in DMCC, with exclusive advice and foolproof guidelines.

Kiltons Business Setup Services has been a significant part in the growth of several ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs since 1999. Our insightful suggestions, comprehensive services for business setup in Dubai and expert support have been instrumental for many successful ventures for more than two decades.

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Frequently Asked Questions on DMCC Business Setup

  • What is DMCC?
    • DMCC, which stands for Dubai Multi Commodities Center, is the exclusive Free Zone established for the trading of multiple commodities including precious metals, jewels, diamonds and stones, energy, tea, cotton, minerals and metals and fuel. It was established in 2002 by the Dubai Government. Presently, DMCC is the biggest Free Zone in  UAE. It has been rated with “A” rating by international rating agency Standard and Poor. Setting up a company in DMCC is a sure path to success, with dedicated and committed efforts from your end.

  • What are the types of licenses available in DMCC?
    • The types of licenses available in DMCC are appended below. Choose the right one depending on your need and the type of business activity you plan. (i) General trading license, (ii) Consultancy service license, (ii) Service license, (iv) Commercial license, (v) License for establishing a branch of a company
  • What are the minimum requirements for forming a company in DMCC?
    • The minimum requirements for forming a company in DMCC Free Zone are:Share capital, Commercial office space (as per the requisite dimensions), One designated director, At least one shareholder
  • Can you tell me about the types of companies that are allowed in DMCC?
    • The types of companies authorized in DMCC are: Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Free Zone Company (FZC), Branch office, Subsidiary of a company
  • How long will it take for DMCC business setup?
    • Although the time required for completing the business formalities cannot be confirmed, as it depends on many factors, ideally it will take around 14 to 28 days.
  • Can I start a retail shop in DMCC?
    • Yes, you can. The office facilities available in DMCC are: Retail shop, Service office, Flexi desk, Service desk, Business centre

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Procedure for Business setup in DMCC

The procedure for Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Business setup is simple to pursue. You only need to have the idea about the process. Thereby, avoiding confusions and hassles. On other hand, you can remain calm and concentrate on your plans, while our professionals carry out the DMCC company set up on behalf of you. The dedicated service is what made us the top DMCC Business setup consultants.

1. Decide Your Business Activity

This step is of paramount importance if you are a newbie in the field of business. You must choose the business in which you want to form a company in DMCC carefully. Meticulous planning and preparation of detailed business operations may be necessary to reap the best benefit. Get support from Kiltons if you want a thoroughly studied and analyzed business process that will open the gates to riches for you.

2. Prepare Legal Structure

Select the type of business and form the legal structure accordingly. You may note that the legal structure is an important part. It can affect the performance of the company. Therefore, utmost care must be ensured whilst the preparation of the same.

3. Registration of the Trading/ Business Name

Finalize the company or trading name according to the laid down stipulations. The same has to be registered with the DMMC Free Zone authority. All the approvals during company formation in DMCC will be issued in the name of the company.

4. Application for Business License

You can forward the application along with the stipulated documents to the Free Zone Authority for obtaining DMCC company setup license and commencing business operations. We can be your DMCC business setup consultants to expedite the setting up process.

5. Obtain License and Start the Business Activities

Receive a trading license in Dubai and start your business operations.

Benefits of Business setup in DMCC

You may be eager to know the benefits of company formation in DMCC. It is one of the most promising business jurisdictions in UAE.

-          Wide options to choose office according to the requirement and the type of your business

-          Advanced infrastructure

-          No income or corporate tax

-          Multi-currency transactions permitted

-          Hire foreign employees as per your requirement

-          Conveniently connected to seaport and airport, thus ensuring easy export/ import of goods

-          Prime location

-          Provision of onsite customs

Documents Required for Business setup in DMCC

The Documents required for company formation in DMCC are:

-          Copy of passport of the owner/ partners

-          NOC from the employer if you are a resident

-          Copy of visa

-          Address proof

-          UAE ID if you are a resident

-          Notarized Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) of the parent company (only on a case to case basis)

Kiltons Business Setup Services in DMCC

Kiltons became the number one business setup services in UAE through selfless service for more than two decades. Our agency fulfils the requirements projected by the clients, and more, through the devoted client-centric activities. We endeavour to be the best firm for business setup in DMCC. And in that effort, our expert professionals explore the business fields optimally with their in-depth knowledge.

You can be a winner in business with our team supporting you from the beginning. To know more about company formation in DMCC and for discussing various possibilities, you may consult our DMCC business consultants in Dubai.

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