Offshore Company Formation in RAK

Ras Al Khaimah has evolved into one of the most favourable business destinations in the UAE. The decision to allow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by the visionary regime has been one of the primary factors that caused this change. Ras Al Khaimah offshore company formation has become convenient with the introduction of investor-friendly policies. Expatriates can set up a company in the offshore jurisdiction in 100% ownership, i.e. without local sponsorship.

The growth prospects offered by the region attract foreign investors. Ras Al Khaimah has witnessed the arrival of hordes of business entities in the past couple of decades. An offshore company in RAK will be the turning point in your business life. Kiltons can help you in RAK offshore company formation. We have more than two decades of experience in the field. Our support will be of immense value in the setting up and further development of your firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Offshore Company Formation in RAK

  • How long will it take to set up a company in RAK offshore jurisdiction?
    • 2 working days, ideally. Our proficient professionals will set up the company in RAK offshore for you quickly.
  • What is the minimum capital requirement for the setting up of business in ras Al Khaimah offshore domain?
    • There are no stipulations regarding the minimum capital requirement in offshore company formation in Ras Al Khaimah. However, AED 1000 could be considered as the minimum capital requirement.
  • I am planning offshore company formation in Ras Al Khaimah. Is a local Emirati sponsor mandatory?
    • No. You can start a company in RAK offshore without a local sponsor. You can hold 100% ownership in the entity.
  • What are the documents required for RAK Offshore Company Formation ?
    • The documents required for RAK offshore business set up are:

      - Attested copy of passport

      - Bank reference letter

      - Curriculum Vitae

      - Notarized specimen signature

      - Proof of residence

  • What are the exclusive features of the RAK offshore company?
    • The exclusive features are:

      - The director of the offshore business entity need not be a UAE resident. It is under the purview of the business organization to appoint a UAE resident or non-resident as the director

      - The shareholders and directors could be located anywhere. They don't need to be present in the country

      - Corporate shareholders are permitted

      - It can have a corporate director

      - The firm can obtain approval from RAK authority and can procure real estate in the country

      - Government audit is not there for the company

      - The business entity can acquire shares in other companies too

      - Business transactions in the UAE mainland is not permissible for RAK offshore company

      - Physical office not allowed in the country

      - The ex-pats shareholders cannot seek residency visa based on the company

      - Businesses in the banking and insurance sector cannot be performed by an offshore company in RAK, without prior approval

  • Do I need to appoint a company secretary for the offshore company in RAK?
    • Not necessary. You can perform the duty of a company secretary. A separate company secretary is not required for the business setup in RAK offshore jurisdiction.
  • What are the benefits of Ras Al Khaimah offshore company formation?
    • - 100% ownership to ex-pats

      - 100% repatriation of capital and profit

      - Zero personal and income tax

      - Zero export and import duties

      - Permission to open multiple bank accounts in the name of the business entity

      - Multi-currency transaction

      - Productive business environment

      - Supportive authority

      - Matchless growth prospects

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Main Characteristics of Ras Al Khaimah Offshore Company formation

Several characteristics distinguish business set up in Ras Al Khaimah offshore from other emirates and jurisdictions. The main features that make Offshore Company Formation in RAK a better option than other does are listed below:

- Provisions related to custody and authority of movable and immovable property

- Exclusively formulated regulations for the inheritance of property

- Feasibility to manage the intellectual property efficiently

- Option to carry out international trading without any hassles

- A hub and source of global outreach

- The director, shareholder and company secretary can be the same person

Advantages of an Offshore Company in Ras Al Khaimah

Offshore company formation in Ras Al Khaimah is advantageous in many ways. Expats can explore the offshore jurisdiction to obtain optimum benefits. The arrival of more FDIs will boost the overall economy and financial strength of the emirate. Therefore, the federal government has been focussing on incorporating business-friendly aspects into the business formation in RAK offshore. 

- 100% ownership in the offshore company formed in RAK

- 100% repatriation of profits and capital

- Exemption from import and export duties

- Intellectual property protection acts

- Conducive business environment

- Business-friendly policies

- Zero local and personal tax

- Business set up in RAK offshore can get global financing

- Option to transact in multiple currencies 

- No regulations or limitation concerning citizenship of the owner

- Audit report to the government not necessary. Thereby ensuring complete confidentiality to the firm

Business Set Up in RAK with Kiltons

Kiltons business setup services have been the leading organisations supporting ex-pats and residents to realize their business dreams since 1999. Our professional team work tirelessly for your sake and completes the business set up in RAK offshore quickly. The cordial relationship we have with official authorities in the emirate aid us in carrying out the task without complications.

Kiltons business setup services are the best agency if you are looking to set up a business in RAK offshore jurisdiction. We will assign a dedicated team for your support. Well versed with the process, they will conclude the activities in quick succession. Moreover, you will be able to consult our team 24x7 for queries, clarifications and guidance. The proficient team with immense experience and expertise will provide you with invaluable advice concerning business operations in the RAK offshore domain. 

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