Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

Ajman, the smallest of the seven emirates in the UAE offers great opportunities for business setup. Sharing its borders with Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain, the emirate is well-connected via road. The developed infrastructure and connectivity providing the business entities adequate advantage. 

Ajman follows the same business regulations and policies as UAE mainland. It has a very conducive atmosphere for the establishment and growth of the business. Of late, expatriates are recognizing the benefits of establishing a business in Ajman. Plan your business setup in Ajman mainland in ease with Kiltons group. Kiltons has been helping business persons to set up a business firm in the emirate successfully. 

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Frequently asked questions on Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

  • Can I obtain an employment visa for my employee?
    • Yes, initially you have to obtain an entry permit, followed by other formalities for an employment visa.

  • How can I get a police clearance certificate in Ajman?
    • You can apply through the official portal of Ajman police for the police clearance certificate and obtain one after verification by the police.
  • Can I sell my products in Ajman local market as well as other emirates in the UAE?
    • Yes, you are authorized to sell products in Ajman, and other emirates, subject to rule and regulations.
  • How much is the fee for cancellation of a business license?
    • You may have to pay an approximate amount of AED 2150 for cancellation of the license.
  • Do I need to translate all the documents into Arabic if I plan to open my foreign branch office here?
    • No, you don’t have to translate all the documents.

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Procedure for Ajman Mainland Company Formation

Ajman municipality is the authorized agency for approval of the business and issuance of trade license. The laid down procedure for business setup in Ajman Mainland is simple and unfussy. 

Decide the Business activity – Determine the business activity you want to set up before starting the process.

Obtain Initial Approval – You have to submit an application and supporting documents to the Ajman municipality for initial approval. The authority has arranged a customer service centre in the municipality to aid easy processing of business approvals. You can utilize the facility for clarifications, submission of application and other queries.

Approvals from Relevant Ministries and Departments – Apply for approvals from related ministry and departments, in case required.

Register the Trade Name – You need approval for trade name also. The business license and other approvals will be issued on the business name. The trade name should be according to the laid down criteria. 

Include the Business in the Register of Companies – Your business should be entered in the register of companies. It gives the business legality to operate in the emirate. 

Prepare a Legal Form – The legal form of the business must be prepared in consultation with the shareholders and experts in the field. Legal structure plays a vital role in the performance and growth of the business. The legal structure has to be notarized by an authorized notary. 

Rent/ Lease Space – You need to hire or lease commercial and official space for your firm. The commercial space must have the minimum dimension stipulated by the municipality. The officials will inspect the space for confirming the same. 

Get Business License – Subsequent to receipt of all the approvals, forward the application along with all the necessary documents and approvals to Ajman municipality. The officials will scrutinize the completeness of the documents and issue the business license. If the certificates, documents and approvals are complete and in accordance with the stipulated regulations, you will get the Ajman Mainland license without much delay. 

Benefits of Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

- Cost-effective business set up and subsequent operations

- Supportive authority and policies

- You can start a business with 100% ownership

- Exemption from export and import duties. Thus saving you an ample amount of money

- Easy and quick business set up process

- Great connectivity around the emirate and between other emirates in the country

Documents Required for Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

- Business plan

- Copies of passports of the owner and the shareholders

- Notarized Memorandum of Association

- Notarized Article of Association

- Proof of residence

- Documents from the bank confirming capital details

Kiltons Business Setup services in Ajman Mainland

Kiltons remains one of the most-chosen business setup services in the UAE. We have been rendering trustworthy and committed services to our clients since 1999. Experienced professionals have been the mainstay in our success journey for more than two decades.

We offer budget-friendly packages to our clients. Maintaining a cordial relationship with the officials at the government organizations, we are able to serve our client’s in the best possible way. Our colourful journey until today is the result of relentless effort by our team of professionals. 

You can contact us if you are planning a business setup in Ajman mainland. We maintain a transparent association with our clients. You will get the best and unmatched support from us.  

To discuss setting up a business and start the process right away, contact us now. 

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