Readymade Garment Business in Dubai

Readymade garments have become the trend with people turning busy. The land with countless businesses and people with high per capita income, Dubai is the ideal location for a business in the readymade garment field. You can set up a readymade garment business in Dubai by pursuing the simple and hassle-free procedure laid down by the authority. Kilton will be your perfect support for obtaining a clothing business license in Dubai and commence business activities without any impediments.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Readymade Garment Business in Dubai

  • Which jurisdiction is ideal for setting up a garment business in Dubai, Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore?
    • The jurisdiction must be chosen according to the type of business you are planning and the objectives. You may contact us to discuss the right domain for your clothing business.

  • Can an expat establish a garment business in 100% business ownership in the Mainland zone?
    • Yes. As per the amended policy, an expat is authorized to start a business in 100% ownership, i.e. a local Emirati sponsor is not a mandatory requirement.
  • Is an online readymade garment business allowed in Dubai?
    • Yes. E-trading of garments is permitted in Dubai.
  • Does an online clothing business in Dubai require a license?
    • Yes. An e-commerce license has to be obtained, through the laid down process, for setting up an e-commerce platform for readymade garments.
  • How to start a clothing store in Dubai?
    • You need to pursue the process and obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) for starting a clothing store in the region. Contact us to know the procedure in detail.

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Why Start a Garment Business in Dubai?

Business activities in the readymade garment sector offer exceptional growth prospects. All you need is the right attitude and the will to win. The authority in the emirate has made the policies investor-friendly to attract ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs. With which, you can gain greater heights in business without any complications. You may talk to our professionals to have a detailed idea about the licenses and permits needed for a clothing store in Dubai.

The key factors that make the garment business in Dubai an attractive option are:

1.Wide Market 

Dubai has a large populace with good earning. A majority of them opt for good quality readymade garments. This makes the growth probabilities high if you can deliver garments that are worthy of money. The size of the market available in Dubai makes it right to start the readymade garment industry here. A clothing business license is the first step to this. 

2.International Clientele 

People from across the globe are here for varying purposes including entrepreneurship and employment. Cementing your brand image in them will pave the way for your expansion dreams. You can think of expanding your business beyond borders once it has gained a positive identity.

3.Excellent Infrastructure 

Dubai offers an excellent infrastructure that enables easy transportation of your goods to other emirates, as well as, to the international market. Further, the communication, business setup facilities are matchless. Therefore, the readymade garment business in Dubai would be one of the most suitable options for you.  

4.Easy Setup 

The business setup formalities and the process to obtain a clothing business license in Dubai are easy and quick. Moreover, our experienced professionals will aid you in understanding the right market, the location that will be productive for your business and renting an office and commercial spaces at competitive rates. Once you are set, the growth of your business is guaranteed with concerted and determined efforts from your end.  

5.Exception from Tax

Dubai doesn’t charge any personal tax. It means that all you earn is yours once you start the business after gaining a clothing business license.  

6.Choice of Jurisdictions

Choose the jurisdiction you want to establish the clothing or readymade garment business in Dubai from Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore. The procedure for company formation in each jurisdiction is different. We will provide you with detailed advice about each and help you with business setup in the domain of your choice.  

Types of Garment License in Dubai

Selecting the right Business license in Dubai for selling clothes is crucial for reaping the best benefits for your garment business in Dubai. The License for selling clothes available in Dubai, for readymade garment business, are:

1.Industrial License

Industrial License in Dubai can be gained through an unfussy process formulated by the authorities. It permits the manufacturing of men and women readymade garments, production of protective clothing, as well as, undergarments and screen-printing on garments.

2.Commercial License

Commercial License in Dubai is necessary if you want to do trading of clothing and readymade garments. The license is required for sales and trading of men and women clothing, readymade garments, undergarments, protective clothing and accessories for garments. Further, the license also permits you for e-trading of garments, after obtaining requisite approval. 

How to Start a Readymade Garment Business in Dubai

As discussed in the preceding paragraphs, the readymade garment business setup formalities and the commencement of business activities is quick and easy. The procedure for starting a readymade garment business in Dubai is:

- Choose the location where you want to set up a garment business in Dubai.

- Decide the trading name of the garment company, according to the naming stipulations by the authority.

- Business plan elaborating your business process has to be prepared.

- Formulation of legal structure including Article of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA).

- Renting or leasing of official and commercial space.

- Putting up the application to the authority, attaching all the documents and approvals for License for selling clothes in Dubai.

Why Kiltons for Readymade Garment Business Setup in Dubai?

A reliable and trustworthy business setup service will be your guiding light through the process of readymade garments business set up in Dubai. Right advise on the clothing business license and the info about the permits needed for opening a clothing store in the emirate will be fruitful. 

Kiltons was established in 1999 to be instrumental in turning dreams into the reality of countless expats and residents. We have been the mainstay in business setup formalities for several debutantes and well-established entrepreneurs for about twenty-two years. Our committed and credible services would be the perfect support for achieving your business goals.

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