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Dubai is an already-established technology and innovation hub in the middle- east. The business community in Dubai and UAE has always adapted to the changing trends, innovation and technological upgrades. A fine example of such an innovation is a Virtual Office in Dubai, UAE. Kiltons Virtual offices are meant for those entrepreneurs who do not require physical office space for the concerned business activity. A “Virtual office” is a special requirement and we provide a Virtual address for the same. The applicant, in this case, receives a business address and attains a Trade license for the business. Here the license holder performs the business in his preference of location or a virtual address. The license holder can even work from home.

Kiltons provides virtual offices in Dubai, which extends an impressive corporate address in an established area. By choosing Kiltons' virtual office in Dubai, an entrepreneur can run his business smoothly enabling his employees to work remotely, without renting equipment or paying for maintenance.

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Benefits of Getting a Kiltons Virtual Office Address in Dubai

A virtual office in Dubai comes with several advantages other than cost benefits. Most often, virtual offices in Dubai are placed in some of the renowned business centres of Dubai. Hence, by choosing a virtual office in Dubai or UAE, you can assure easy access to potential clients and great business partners to your address. Getting virtual office addresses in Dubai offers several benefits, and a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Virtual Office addresses are suitable for remote location work requirements or when the business need not require a full-time, physical work location.
  • Helps entrepreneurs and start-up firms explore and diversify into different markets not having to spend too much on office-related expenses.
  • Kiltons provide virtual address based on the client’s specific needs and priorities.
  • The business enjoys the advantage of flexibility without compromising the status of a professional business.
  • The business receives mail-handling and landline services.
  • Ideal for professionals and freelancers who do not require a full-fledged, physical office space.
  • Ejari is not required for virtual offices.

Kiltons' Virtual Office Services in Dubai are smart and economical solutions for managing the administrative requirements of your business. We help you grow your business without high overhead costs.

Meeting room

Imagine the scenario in which an entrepreneur starts a business in Dubai by availing a Virtual Address. The entrepreneur may conduct the business from a remote location. However, he/she may have practical difficulties in accomplishing other vital, business-related activities. These activities include holding a client meeting, a conference etc. Kiltons provides professional meeting room services for such circumstances where a fully-equipped meeting room with an executive table is necessary. With prior notice, Kiltons can provide professional, well-maintained meeting rooms in different locations of Dubai for rent. Meeting rooms in Dubai are charged on per hour basis. A wide range of meeting rooms is available in Dubai that perfectly suits your budget and requirements.

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Benefits of availing Kiltons Meeting room services

  • Professional meeting rooms that suit your budget and needs.
  • The most practical and feasible solution for conducting conventions or events when you are devoid of the resources.
  • Ideal for training employees and conducting interviews.
  • Equipped with modern amenities and necessary features.
  • Based in prime locations of Dubai.
  • Kiltons meeting rooms are ideal for conducting layout customizations like launching a product etc.
  • Equipped for video-conferencing.

Virtual Address is the most feasible option if you are on a shoestring budget and not very particular about the office location. Therefore, get a virtual address for your business if you have budget constraints and possess a UAE residence visa. Contact Kiltons Virtual Address desk for further clarification.

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Virtual Office Services in Dubai, UAE

Investors handling multiple projects in different locations can use this futuristic facility. With the virtual office in Dubai, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to relocate to this place. Instead, he or she can handle all the business-related tasks from the international locations.

You can choose from the virtual offices for rent in Dubai, to set up a business. This would alleviate the extra expenses of opening a conventional office. A small team may be employed for receiving emails, attending phone calls and for managing the activities with the local administration.

A virtual company license is necessary for starting a virtual office in Dubai. With the virtual company license, the business owner can sign the documents electronically. The authority approves it. Hence, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to travel all the way to Dubai to the conclusion of agreements, issuance of orders or sign any other documents.

Application Process for Virtual Company License in Dubai

A streamlined process exists for a virtual company license in Dubai. Once you have the license, you can start a virtual office in Dubai. The three steps for starting a virtual office in UAE are:

·         Finalizing the Business Activity – Choose the sector in which you want to set up the business. It would be ideal to choose the business after discussing it with our experts. The virtual offices for rent in Dubai can also be determined based on the business activity.
·         Choose a Business Name – The business or trade name should be chosen and registered with the authority. All the correspondences would be on the business name. It is forbidden to put blasphemous, religious or politically inclined names. Abbreviations are not allowed if you are using your name for the business.
·         Submit Virtual Office License Application – Fill out the application form properly, without any anomalies, and submit it to the authority for a virtual business license. Once you have received the business license, you check for virtual offices for rent in Dubai and select the ideal one. We may be the best option for renting a virtual office in Dubai, as we have been pivotal in the growth of many prominent expats in the country.

Some of the factors that make Kiltons Business Setup Services the right partner for your virtual business set up in Dubai are:

·         We offer you an address that signifies trust and commitment
·         Access to numerous global locations
·         We provide staff and support team as required
·         Comprehensive on-site assistance whenever you want
·         Become a part of a great community
·         Well-facilitated board rooms, conference hall, video conference facility and other relevant features

Benefits of Virtual Office in Dubai

The foremost benefit of owning a virtual office in Dubai is that you can become a part of this elegantly growing business sphere. The advantages of virtual office in UAE include:

·         Optimum support from IT, telecom departments and other services from the government sector

·         Exponential growth prospects with the Dubai-based business identity augmenting your reach

·         Supportive political regime that would aid you in substantial growth

·         Extensive scalability

·         Remarkable productivity

Documents required for Virtual Office setup in Dubai

The following documents are essential for starting a virtual office in Dubai:

·         Copy of passport

·         Registered business name

·         Completed application

·         Business plan

The applicant for a virtual office in Dubai should meet the following eligibility criteria:

·         The business owner cannot be a resident of the UAE

·         He or she should be a citizen of any of the 101 countries approved by the UAE

·         Business could be established in the specified sectors only

·         The taxation rules in the country of the entrepreneur’s residence will be applicable

·         In case the annual revenue is more than $100k, the company should be registered for VAT. 5% of VAT would be applicable accordingly

·         Virtual company license in Dubai will not permit the business owner to the country. He or she should obtain a visa for that

·         Starting a corporate bank account is possible for the business with a virtual office in Dubai. However, the bank can decide upon the approval and the documents necessary for opening the bank account

Why Kiltons Business Setup services for Virtual Office Services?

Kiltons Business Setup Services has been facilitating business setup in UAE for more than twenty-two years. Established in 1999, we understand the business arena of the country very well. The proficient professionals extend optimal support for starting a business in Dubai and the other emirates in the country. With the committed team support, it would be easy and simple to set up a virtual office in Dubai.

We have been the leading business setup firm, with a focussed approach since inception. We have been fortunate to support aspiring resident and ex-pat entrepreneurs for years. It would be our privilege to help you in the best possible manner. For setting up a virtual business as well as finding the right virtual office for rent in Dubai.

For discussing your project and commencing the formalities for obtaining a virtual license in Dubai, connect with us now.