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Decades of offering various PRO services in the business domain of Dubai has helped us understand that no two business have the same requirements. Kiltons provides fully equipped, customizable office spaces in the most happening business destinations of Dubai. When it comes to renting an office in Dubai, we consider several factors such as location, convenience, flexibility, working capital, etc. Our flexible office rental options are well-equipped to serve your unique requirements. When you choose Kiltons to rent an office in Dubai, you are getting the best service in terms of cost and conveniences for the smooth running of your business. Let us know your business requirements in the most precise manner and as best as you can. After assessing your data, Kiltons Office rental advisors will get back to you.

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Kiltons Office Rental Services in Dubai

It is mandatory for a business operating in Dubai or UAE to have a physical presence in the form of an office. If you prefer to rent an office in Dubai instead of a self-owned one, certain arrangements need to be made, and approvals have to be obtained from the concerned authority. In connection with business set up in Dubai, Kiltons Business Setup Services can fulfil your office space requirements in the most professional and satisfying manner. Here are the salient features of Kiltons’ office rental services in Dubai:

  • Provide cost-effective office spaces for rent in Dubai and other Emirates. We offer attractive and flexible payment schemes based on your priorities.
  • Prepare the documents required for signing the rent contract.
  • Acts as a link between the Department of Economic Development and the client to pursue all compliance-related formalities in the most professional manner. Kiltons rental services include Tenancy agreement and EJARI.
  • Responsible and cost-effective Business Centre facilitation in Dubai and other Emirates.
  • Fully-furnished and semi-furnished offices with all the necessary amenities.
  • Offices are futuristically designed and are equipped with the most modern technology.
  • Complete assistance and guidance throughout the process.
  • From startups to established corporate houses – Kiltons’ office rental services serve the purpose.
  • Kiltons rental services are free of hidden charges.

How to Rent an Office in Dubai

If a business establishment is planning to rent an office in Dubai, it is required to accomplish all the official formalities associated with the same. The business is supposed to seek prior approval from the concerned authorities to initiate the renting procedure. The step-by-step procedure is listed below.

The business is required to pay the security amount for the preferred office space. By paying the security amount, the business actually performs the office-booking prior to the preparation of the rent contract documents.

Arrangement of the rent contract documents by a real estate representative.

The parties involving in the rental contract are required to make all the adjustments and negotiations concerning the terms and conditions prior to the signing.

Benefits of Renting an Office in Dubai

The most evident benefits of renting an office space in Dubai are listed below.

  • Location preference
    Renting an office gives the business the advantage of a favourable location. Product-oriented businesses, display-based businesses need favourable and attractive locations to reach out to their customers. Favourable locations include strategic business locations that are easily accessible to customers. However, the real estate prices of these strategic locations in Dubai can be very costly, especially when it comes to owning the property. Renting the property for monthly rent or lease is much less when compared to buying the property as a whole. Hence renting the same property can be a feasible option for a new business. A strategically located office also helps in the daily commute of your employees as it saves their time and energy.
  • Renting saves time and money
    Owning a physical office space and setting up the necessary facilities like phone, internet connection, furniture can affect your start-up budget. You need to invest a lot of time and money installing these basic amenities. Renting helps you save time and money as these facilities are included in a rented office as plug and play. As the real-estate prices in Dubai are sky-rocketing, buying an office space involves a huge amount of money. Renting helps you use the hard-earned money for other business-oriented purposes.
  • Renting is always a flexible option
    Expanding your business may demand to move to a new, bigger office space that has better amenities. You might need to employ new employees as part of an expansion. Owning an office can cause you practical difficulties while moving to a new office. You may avoid those practical difficulties when you rent an office space.
  • Ideal for startups

    Renting is the best option for startup firms, SMEs, and small enterprises. Well-equipped and fully furnished office spaces radiate a professional ambience. A good, professional environment also enhances the productivity of your employees.

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