Offshore Company Formation in Ajman

Formed in 2014, Ajman Offshore jurisdiction is one of the latest offshore domains in the UAE. It offers company quick and affordable formation for ex-pats. Administered by Ajman Free Zone (AFZ), business entities in Ajman offshore can enjoy a plethora of benefits. Ajman offshore company setup is so advantageous that it has resulted in a great influx of numerous companies.  

Kiltons has a dedicated team of professionals to support you in the offshore company formation in Ajman. They will pursue the process legitimately and conclude it in quick time. Thereby, aiding you to kick-off business activities at the earliest. With consistent and determined efforts, you can grow optimally. And join the group of entrepreneurs, who have made a fortune from the UAE. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Offshore Company Formation in Ajman

  • I am going to form a company in Ajman offshore. Can I carry out trading in the UAE?
    • No. Ajman offshore company is not authorized to carry out business trading inside UAE.

  • Do I need to hire an industrial space in Ajman offshore jurisdiction?
    • No, hiring of industrial space in Ajman offshore is not necessary. You can rent an industrial or office space in case of requirement.
  • How can Kiltons help me with Ajman offshore company formation?
    • We will undertake all the activities beginning with initial approval until complete setting up of your company. Let us know your requirement. We will extend the best possible support at the most affordable rates.
  • What is the incorporation fee for a business in Ajman offshore?
    • The incorporation fee may change with time and changes in policies. Presently the incorporation charge is AED 9K (approx.). You may contact us to know the latest charges and additional costs involved in the formation of the company in Ajman offshore.
  • Is it compulsory to file audit report annually?
    • Filing of the audit report of Ajman offshore company is not mandatory.
  • What are the main advantages of Ajman offshore company?
    • - Zero taxation system - Zero customs duty - 100% confidentiality concerning directors and shareholders - No compulsory auditing - Easy account opening process with UAE banks - Authorized for multiple currency transactions

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Steps Involved in Offshore Company Formation in Ajman

The investor-friendly authority in Ajman has laid down a simple, uncomplicated, process for the establishment of companies in the offshore domain. You can prepare the documents, pursue the steps and set up a company without any impediments. This has been one of the most optimistic aspects of company formation in Ajman offshore .

A brief on the steps involved for Ajman offshore company setup is appended below. 

- Reserve a trading name and obtain approval for the same. Don’t forget that the regime has promulgated stipulations regarding the authorized trade names. Abide by that and forward a choice of three names, as per priority.

- Apply for the incorporation of the company. An offshore company in Ajman will not be issued with a trading license. It will only have a certificate of incorporation authorizing the business operations. In addition to other documents and certificates, the following also must be attached to the application. 

- Copies of the passports of ex-pat shareholders/ owners

- Proof of identity

- Address proof

- CV of responsible persons

 - Prepare Article of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA). This will form the legal structure and constitution of the company. Both the documents must be translated into Arabic and notarized. 

- Bank account for the offshore company is essential. The document from the bank must be forwarded along with the application to the authority. 

Highlights of Ajman Offshore Company formation

A few unique aspects distinguish Ajman offshore company setup from other jurisdictions. It’s certain that you will need a reputed and reliable business setup service in Ajman for setting up and continuing the business operations.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of a company formation in Ajman offshore .

- Ajman offshore company must have at least two directors

- Presence of company shareholder and director is mandatory at the Ajman Free Zone authority office for signature on relevant documents

- A registered servicing agent is essential for concluding the offshore company formation formalities

- The business license will not be issued to the offshore business setup. Rather a certificate of incorporation will be issued authorizing the company for business activities

- Registration at Chamber of Industry and Commerce not required

- Trading within the UAE not permitted

Advantages of an Offshore Company in Ajman

Of course, a business in Ajman offshore is the path to riches. It can turn the wind in favour of you. And make you a winner in the field of business in quick time. It is advisable to be the first lot of business persons opting to start a company in Ajman offshore. 

The advantages of an offshore company in Ajman are:

- 100% ownership to ex-pats

- Cheapest company set up process in the UAE

- Zero corporate or personal tax

- Exempted from import or export duties

- 100% repatriation of capital and profit

- Office space not necessary

- Confidentiality on company shareholders and directors

- Can transact in multiple currencies

- Low labour costs

- Maintenance and operational costs are more affordable than other emirates and jurisdictions

You can talk to our professionals to know the benefits of offshore company formation in Ajman in detail. We will provide you with exemplary service, from initial set up to the commencement of business operations. Guidance and support from our expert team will have a remarkable effect on your further business operations. We can amplify the possibility of your success through time-tested and effective resolutions, we have derived over a period. 

Kiltons possesses the unmatched experience, which has been acquired through the twenty-one years of existence. Established in 1999, we have been instrumental in materializing the dreams of many entrepreneurs. 

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