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Business Visa in brief

Business visa is a long-term visa granted to foreigners and their dependents. The Business Visa is related to the UAE Golden Visa program. The visa is aimed at promoting foreign investment and facilitating a professional, business-friendly milieu in the Emirates. Kiltons visa experts deal with a wide range of visa-related services for Dubai business visa, work visa, investor visa etc. To gain an in-depth understanding of Dubai Business visa or any other immigration formalities, consult Kiltons visa consultants who will provide personalised services to make your visa processing hassle-free. We provide the most feasible solutions and suggestions regarding company formation and investment in the UAE.

Though the process of getting a Dubai business visa is rather simple, you need to get a reliable visa service provider to make it fast and cost-effective. Kiltons, renowned as one of the best visa service providers in UAE can help you with the Dubai business visa processing making your job effortless. Right from choosing the suitable type of visa to the procedure for visa processing, you need to understand certain key points. Continue reading to know more about the types of business visa in UAE and its procedures.

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  • How to obtain a Business Visa?

    The prerequisites to acquire a Dubai business visa are listed below.

    • The business Visa applicant should have professional business experience. The applicant is supposed to establish proof of business experience.
    • The applicant should own a business or should have owned one in the past. He/she should have owned the majority of the shares of the start- up or enjoyed top-level membership.
    • Have business set up ideas or plans in the UAE. He/she should be willing to move to the Emirates to start a business endeavour.
    • An applicant irrespective of the original country of residence may apply for the business visa in the UAE.

    There is an additional requirement the applicant should fulfil. The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship – the government authority in charge of recording the population statistics and issuance of Emirates ID conducts eligibility tests for Business visa applicants. And they are background verification and health check-up. The applicants must qualify in both the tests.

    It does not mean that the applicant shall obtain the final approval if he satisfies all prerequisites. The applicant’s application and credentials are further verified by dedicated committees. It’s after this verification, the final approval is granted.

  • How to apply for Dubai Business Visa?

    The applicant’s proposal should be permitted by a Dubai based incubator backed by the Emirates authority. At present, the incubator in Dubai is AREA2071. After the approval of the proposal, the applicant may pursue the Visa application formalities via the official website of Federal Identity for Identity and Citizenship. The instructions for visa nomination are listed below.

    • Go to the official website named and make your account.
    • Subsequent to the creation of your account, log in to the same and initiate the nomination formalities.
    • Provide all the necessary details in the application and submit the same online. A maximum of 30 days duration is required for the assessment of the application. Wait for that period.

    If the visa nomination has been accepted, the applicant gets a notification in the form a link. Click on the same link and pursue the remaining procedure like document submission. In the case of non-acceptance, the applicant has to redo the whole procedure after a period of 3 months.

  • Acquiring a business visa

    The visa nomination approval allows the applicant to accomplish the remaining formalities via the official website of Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. When the website-related formalities are accomplished, the applicant gets an email containing the final directions on acquiring a Business visa.

    A temporary visa for the duration of 6 months will be granted if the applicant is not based in the UAE. The applicant may make use of this period to relocate to the UAE and understand the business scenario, prospects and settle. Theapplicant is required to convert the temporary visa into Residency prior to the expiry of the former.

    If the applicant resides in the UAE, a temporary visa will be granted for a duration of one month. The conversion of the temporary visa into Residency visa before the expiry period is also applicable here.

    The visa conversions can be pursued easily via the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

    You may also approach the SERVICES1 located in Emirates Tower, Dubai for Visa conversion requirements.

  • Advantages of Business Visa

    Acquiring a Dubai business visa has two main advantages and they are:

    The Business visa holder can relocate to the UAE for a duration of 6 months and accomplish the matters related to business set up.

    Business visa is of the multiple entry-type.

    The Dubai business visa holder may nominate the senior employees of the company to acquire residency. The nomination is possible for up to 3 employees.

    The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has come up with specific rules and regulations regarding sponsoring of dependents. The visa holder is supposed to strictly comply with the rules.

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Dubai Business Visa Services

Kiltons welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs and well-established entities to set up business in Dubai. Our business visa services in Dubai and company formation support have been the catalyst behind the quick establishment and success of many firms.

Established in 1999, we are one of the leading firms exclusively aimed at serving expat entrepreneurs optimally. Obtaining a Dubai business visa and progressing the setting up of a promising business is convenient with our professional handling of all the official procedures and documentation. Let it be a photography business setup or a company in any other sector, rest assured we would provide you extensive support.

The honest and committed services from Kiltons have been the reason behind our widespread growth. We have a prominent presence in all the seven emirates in the UAE. Hence, we are able to mentor, support and guide ex-pat entrepreneurs planning to set up a business in any of the emirates in the country.

You can get in touch with our team to determine the way forward and choose our business visa service in Dubai.

Eligibility Criteria for Dubai Business Visa

You must be sure that you meet the eligibility criteria before you approach Dubai business visa services. The fundamental factor is the immigrant applying for a Dubai business visa must be able to prove that they have adequate experience in entrepreneurship. The person would be entering a highly competitive, as well as, highly rewarding business domain. Therefore, knowledge, skill and experience matter a lot.

Note the points below if you are planning to apply for a Dubai business visa. You will have to attach any of those to substantiate the visa application:

. Adequate documents that prove you are an experienced businessperson

. Owner or major shareholder of a start-up

. Member of the higher echelon of the start-up

. Ready to relocate to the UAE for setting up a business in your experience field

. A properly designed business plan to be set up in any of the emirates in the UAE

Further, you must have all the requisite documents sought by the authority including identity proof, citizenship, health check-up report, and no criminal record certification. The federal authority would examine the Dubai business visa application along with all these documents. The visa would be approved only if all the documents are perfect and without any kind of anomalies.

How to apply for Dubai Business Visa?

Detailed here are the different stages of visa application. The business visa services in Dubai would brief you regarding the exact process, collect all the documents and pursue the procedure on your behalf.

Confirm the Type of Visa

Check the different types of Dubai business visas and confirm which one suits your needs. You can discuss the same with our team to pick the right one.  A wrong visa would not only affect your availability during the company formation process in Dubai but also can lead to unwanted complications. It is the most viable option to talk to our team before choosing the type of visa.

Prepare the Documents

Make all the following documents ready that are an essential part of the Dubai business visa application. Additional documents, as required, will be informed to you by our team. Our comprehensive support during the Dubai business visa application would evade any confusion or complication for you. Just assign us the task and we are on it from that same moment. The documents required for a business visa application include:

. Scanned copy of relevant pages of the passport

. Visa application form with a duplicate copy

. Your passport size photographs

. Covering letter explaining the requirement

. Financial proofs substantiating your proposal to start a company in Dubai

Online Application for Dubai Business Visa

You can use our business visa services in Dubai for applying for the Dubai business visa online. In this case, you don’t have to visit the Embassy of the UAE. Just share all the necessary documents with us and we would conclude the formalities at the earliest. Our professionals are well-versed with the visa processes and would ensure a speedy issuance of the Dubai business visa.

Issuance of Dubai Business Visa

The federal authority will issue an e-visa post verification of the documents. The officials undertake ascertainment of the authenticity of the applicant and the documents thoroughly. Dubai business visa is ideally issued in about four working days. A 24-hour quick business visa service in Dubai is also available.

Benefits of Dubai Business Visa

Starting a company in Dubai is the right step in the right direction. One of the top business destinations in the world, the emirate has been the first choice of visionary entrepreneurs. Obtaining a business visa in Dubai opens up vast possibilities for growth.

The benefits of a Dubai business visa are:

. Hassle-free visa application process

. Relatively faster issuance of visa

. Multiple entry visas issued for a period of six months. You can set up the company in the timeframe effortlessly. The multi-entry visa allows travelling to the home country for requirements related to the business.

. Allowed to nominate up to three persons, basically the three senior staff members, for the UAE residency

. Seamless visa application procedure that allows online application

. Dubai business visa is the initial move towards establishing a company in this lively and promising emirate

. Extensive support from the authorities that would enhance the growth prospects of the company

. Outstanding infrastructure that is lauded globally

Why Kiltons Business Setup services for Dubai Business Visa? 

Kiltons business setup services in Dubai is the mainstay behind the successful establishment of numerous entities since 1999. We have a team of proficient professionals with immense experience in business visa services in Dubai. They would plan and manage the complete process for a Dubai business visa. It is our responsibility to ensure the earliest delivery of your visa.

Besides business visa services in Dubai, we offer a plethora of services related to company formation, renting of office and commercial space, etc. The clients are free to choose the package they want or customize the service package. Affordably priced services have been our speciality.

You need not worry about the Dubai business visa or the business set-up formalities once you have assigned us the task. Dedicated to serving, we assure you the best support throughout. For a Dubai business visa, contact us now.