Business Setup in Sharjah Mainland

Business Setup In Sharjah Mainland has immense growth prospects. The emirate with an investor-friendly attitude, Sharjah has become one of the most opted destinations for businesses since the beginning of the new millennium. Understanding the growing importance of the emirate as a key business destination, more and more expatriates and foreign investors are coming forward to company formation in Sharjah Mainland .

Kiltons business setup services have been investors’ guiding light for more than two decades. We have a thorough understanding of business aspects concerning Business setup in Sharjah mainland with our extensive experience since 1999. You are at the right place if you are looking forward to Mainland company formation in Sharjah. We will guide, assist and carry out all the activities for setting up a business entity in Sharjah mainland jurisdiction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Setup In Sharjah Mainland

  • Are there regulations regarding trade names?
    • Before applying for a business license, you must finalise a trade name and reserve it with the authority. The governmental agencies have some stipulations concerning the trade name. You are not authorized to indicate your political or religious inclinations in the trade name. You can use your name as a trade name if you want. In case you are using your trade name it has to be in the expanded version, as no abbreviations are permitted.
  • I am planning to set up a business in Sharjah mainland. Is it mandatory to have a local sponsor?
    • No. You dont need a local sponsor to setup a business in Sharjah mainland

  • Do I need to renew the business license periodically?
    • The business license is issued for one year. You have to renew the license annually. A late fee will be applicable if you don’t renew the license in time.
  • What is the role of a local service agent?
    • You need a local service agent in case you are starting a professional firm. A local service agreement has to be concluded with the agent. The agent will not have any role to play in your professional firm but will act as an ambassador.

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Business License in Sharjah Mainland

Obtaining a business license is the first step for establishing a business firm in Sharjah. An application in the requisite format, along with necessary documents, has to be submitted to DED for initial approval. Before commencing the process, you must be sure about the type of business activity you are planning. The business license required will depend on the type of business. 

Professional License – This type of license is issued for setting up a professional firm. Artisans, architects, tutors and similar professionals can seek a professional license. You need to submit the certificates and documents confirming your qualification to the authority. You may own 100% ownership in the professional firm, subject to conditions. 

Commercial License – Are you planning to start a commercial enterprise? Will your business be involved in commercial activities? This includes buying, selling, and general trading etcetera. Then, you require a commercial license. The Department of Economic Development (SDED) will issue a commercial license after a thorough scrutiny of the documents. After obtaining approvals from relevant ministries and departments. 

Industrial License – The firms that manufacture, assemble, and mould products have to have industrials license. The license will be issued only after analysis regarding the environmental and social effects of the manufacturing plant. Approvals from departments and ministries including ministry of health, ministry of economy and commerce, public welfare department, electrical and water authority will be mandatory depending on the type of industry you are planning. 

Procedure for Company Formation in Sharjah Mainland  

The authorities in Sharjah have laid down an elaborate procedure for Sharjah Mainland Company registration. You can assign us the task and concentrate on planning your business activities, while our team will process the registration formalities in quick time. 

- Determine the type of business activity 

- Find the right location for your business

- Finalize a trade name and reserve it.

- Prepare Memorandum of Association (MOA) and notarize it

- Obtain initial approval from SDED

- Apply for approvals from the municipality, the ministries and departments, as required, according to the type of business activity you are planning

- Rent/ lease agreement, for official and commercial space, with the owner. It has to be attested by the competent authority

- Get approval from the ministry of labour for the recruitment of employees

- Submit all the documents, including passport copies of shareholders, approvals from the municipality/ ministries/ departments, rent/ lease agreement, and MOA to Department of Economic Development

- Pay the license fee

- Get your business license and start the business activity

Types of Business SetUp in Sharjah Mainland

Choosing a suitable business set up has a vital role to play in the growth of your firm. Sharjah offers different types of business set up. Select the right one with our help to reap the optimum out of your business.

 - Limited Liability Company 

- Sole Proprietorship

- Partnership Firm

- Foreign Branch Office

- Shareholding Business Venture

Kiltons Business SetUp Services in Sharjah mainland 

Kiltons Business SetUp Services acquired the name of being the best business set up services in the UAE through relentless efforts to extend the best possible support to our clients. Kiltons has been dedicated to the business entities since 1999 and continues to be so. 

Our legacy dates back to 1948 when UAE was not formed. The journey began with the establishment of a restaurant in Sharjah. We spread our wings gradually and expanded to other emirates. And commenced diverse business ventures. The customer-committed actions have been our basic ideology since the beginning. It has paved the way for us to be reckoned as one of the best business groups in the UAE. 

Nothing can replace trustworthy performance. We endeavour to assist entities to set up business in Sharjah and create their own identity. Thereby, becoming one of the most sought after business firms in the country. We are proud to have 100% results in all the ventures we have undertaken so far. 

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