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Investment in Dubai, UAE is the most preferable option for an entrepreneur. Investors can expect a red carpet welcome with the country offering a business-friendly environment, unambiguous and unfussy regulations, and a quick business setup process. UAE investor visa is the first requirement for an expat to step into the world of business. Promising economy and rapidly surging business prospects have resulted in a great increase in the number of expatriates applying for the visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions on UAE Investor Visa

  • What is the minimum investment for a Dubai Investor Visa?
    • The ex-pat must have a minimum investment of AED 1 million for applying for an investor visa.
  • How to apply for a UAE investor visa?
    • UAE investor visa has to be applied to Amer Centres. Approach an approved typing centre or business setup services for UAE investor visa application.
  • Can an investor visa holder work in Dubai?
    • The investor visa holder can work and live in Dubai. Furthermore, they can sponsor their family, including parents.
  • What is a UAE investor visa?
    • Dubai/ UAE Investor Visa or Partner Visa is exclusively for expats who want to invest in the business sector in the country. The visa offers great benefits, besides the authority to sponsor their family.

  • How long can a UAE investor visa holder stay outside the UAE?
    • An Investor Visa holder in Dubai can stay outside UAE for one year, wherein the ex-pat with a labor visa or residence visa should not stay outside UAE for more than six months.

  • Does the Dubai Investor Visa application get rejected?
    • The application for an investor visa may get rejected if the applicant doesn’t fulfill the eligibility criteria or the application has anomalies.

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Requirements for UAE Investor Visa

Dubai/UAE Investor Visa is also known as Partner Visa. They can invest in the flourishing business sector in the country and receive a great fortune. Immigrants holding the investor visa in UAE are permitted to sponsor family members as well. The visa is valid for three years.

Before processing the investor visa, you may note the documents required for the same. Ensure that you have arranged all the requisite certificates and documents.

 - Memorandum of Association for the business you plan to set up

 - Business license

 - Passport

 - Bank statement for three months

 - Immigration card

Processing an investor visa in UAE has become a hassle-free process with the establishment of Amer Visa Centers. The expats can apply for the visa through the centers, and submit the required documents. The Dubai/ UAE investor visa is permissible for entrepreneurs with their companies in both Mainland and Free Zone.

The visa costs, including Emirates ID and medical, would be around AED 3500 for an individual with business in Dubai Mainland. The investor visa costs for a Free Zone business would depend on the fee promulgated by the Free Zone Authority.

Features of UAE Investor Visa and Partner Visa

Expats meeting the stipulated criteria can apply for a UAE Investor Visa or Partner Visa. The specific features of the subject visas are:

 - The expatriate owning a company in the UAE can obtain an investor visa. S/he should be the sole proprietor or sole owner with 100% ownership in the entity.

 - Since the individual owns the company, the authorities will not ask for share capital in this case.

 - The validity of an Investor Visa in UAE is 03 years.

 - The partners in a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can seek a Partner Visa in the UAE.

 - In partnership companies, each partner must hold shares worth a minimum of AED 70K in the company. One may note that only “two partners” in the company can apply for a Partner Visa, even if there are more than two.

 - The validity of Partner Visa is the same as UAE Investor Visa, i.e. 03 years.

 - The Residence Visa or Employment Visa would be nullified if the individual/ ex-pat is away from UAE for more than six months continuously. However, the periodicity is 01 year in the case of an Investor Visa in UAE. 

Benefits of UAE Investor Visa

UAE investor visa would open up a constructive path to nourish your dreams and guide your venture towards success. The benefits of UAE investor visa are:

 - Exclusive bonuses reserved for investor visa holders

 - Tax-free environment, you don’t have to pay corporate tax or personal tax

 - Become a part of one of the most thriving economies in the world

 - Better ROI than any other business destinations

 - Advanced infrastructure

 - Safe and secure environment for business

 - Quick business setup process

 - Legal protection assured by the government

How to Apply for an Investor Visa in UAE?

The simple visa issuance process is one of the main factors that attract many expatriates to apply for this.

Visa Application

Visit us or any approved visa typing center for investor visa applications and visa services in Dubai. The persons handling your documents and filling out the application must be a thorough professional and there shouldn’t be any anomalies in the application. All the details would be furnished based on your documents. You can submit an application for a visa for your partner simultaneously. Nonetheless, the partner should hold a minimum of 25% share in the company.

The application along with the documents would be submitted to the immigration department. You will send an email stating the approval once the visa request is approved. It may be rejected if there are any errors in the application or mismatch in the statement and the data in the document. You may be asked to resubmit the application after correcting the mistakes in that case.

Request for Change in Status

Subsequent to receipt of email confirmation, you need to submit a request for a change in status. We can help you with the process of status change. Connect with us and let us know your requirements. The professionals at Kiltons would commence the activity right away and conclude the process in the shortest possible time.


The authorities would require your medical status from the approved medical center. It has been a mandatory requirement for UAE investor visas. This is necessary for the medical examination process at the authorized medical facility. Each individual would be provided with a specific date and time for the medical. Visit the earmarked medical center on the scheduled day, undergo the medical examination, and receive results.

Emirates ID

An EMIRATE ID is a basic requirement for an investor visa in UAE. The UAE or Dubai investor visa would be issued linked with the Emirates ID. This is the next step, after medical examination, for gaining the visa.

Investor Visa Stamping

Get in touch with us for the visa stamping process as well. We would relieve you of the hassles and manage all the activities perfectly. Lack of awareness regarding the process may confuse you at times. Our professionals will handhold you until the investor visa in UAE is stamped.  

Moreover, we would guide you regarding the actions in case your visa request has been rejected. It may be possible to resubmit the application after undertaking amendments or corrections. Let us know your concern. We would resolve it at the earliest.

Why Kiltons?

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC has been the leading firm supporting the entrepreneurial dreams of both expats and residents. Having a strong legacy of Kiltons Group since 1948, the business setup services began in 1999. We have been the guiding force for investors for more than two decades.

Our handpicked professionals have unparalleled experience in the field. Therefore, they would be your helpful guides for determining the right location, the best business that suits you, and so on. Connect with us if you are looking to apply for an investor visa in the UAE. We would carry out all the formalities on behalf of you and ensure that the visa process is completed without any impediments.

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