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Business Setup in Ajman will be a rewarding decision. You can opt for a company in either Mainland or Free Zone jurisdiction. Both domains have ample prospects for growth. Ajman is the smallest of all the seven emirates in the UAE. To amplify the development of the emirate, the rulers have implemented policies and directives conducive for investment.

Envisioning a great leap in the infrastructural, business and organisational structure, it has defined the four fundamentals. Those will be taken into account whilst planning development activities and city planning.

Ajman rulers envisage developing the emirate through promoting the spirit of togetherness, following regulations that will be instrumental in building a green economy, formulating rules and regulations for a happy society and promoting excellence in the activities undertaken by the government.  

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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Setup In Ajman

  • Can you tell me the procedure in brief, for business set up in Ajman?
    • The generic procedure in brief, for company formation in Ajman, is as follows

      - Obtaining initial approval from the municipality

      - Examination of location and approval by officials

      - Trade name registration

      - Membership certificate

      - Registration of the company

  • Can I have a virtual office for my company in Ajman?
    • Although virtual offices and flexi-desk are approved in some of the other emirates, your company must have a physical office in Ajman. It must have a minimum dimension of 550 sq ft. A virtual office is not permissible.
  • What are the Types of Licenses Available in Ajman?
    • Different types of licenses are available in Ajman. You have to apply for the license that is corresponding to the type of business activity you aim to pursue.

      The types of licenses are:

      - Trading license

      - Commercial license

      - Professional license

      - Industrial license

      - General maintenance license

  • Can I put the trade name of my choice?
    • There are not many restrictions regarding the trade name. However, the trade name should not be indicative of your political affiliation. It should neither have a religious reference.
  • What are the essential documents for processing initial approval for company formation?
    • You have to submit the following with the application form for initial approval.

      - Copies of passports of the shareholder (s)

      - Copy of identity card

      - Copy of the family book

      - No objection certificate from the present employer

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Advantages of Business SetUp in Ajman

Ajman, looking forward to further development, offers many advantages for business. The business entities in Ajman have exclusive benefits depending on the domain of their company, i.e. Mainland or Free Zone. 

Mainland Company in Ajman

The benefits of setting up a Mainland Company in Ajman are enumerated below:

- Well-planned infrastructure facilities

- Low business set up costs

- Simple and easy business set up process

- 100% repatriation of profits

- Option to obtain several visas for employees

- Companies are authorized to move funds without interference from government

- Uncomplicated company incorporation procedure

- Market offering the optimum possibility for growth

- Availability of resources that are supportive of business

Free Zone Company in Ajman

You can set up a company in Ajman Free Zone too. The policies promulgated for Free Zone companies are aimed at attracting more investors to the emirate. Therefore, those are of great advantages to business firms.

- The companies can maintain confidentiality

- 100% repatriation of profit

- Simplified policies and regulations

- Quick approval for setting up of business

- 100% ownership permitted for expats

- Zero corporate tax

- Immigration formalities are easy

- Multiple visa availability for recruiting employees

Process of Company Formation In Ajman in Ajman

The generic procedure for company formation in Ajman is elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs. 

Initial Approval – You have to obtain initial approval before commencing the process for  Company Setup in Ajman. Ajman Municipality is the competent authority for issuing initial approval. The application in the prescribed format has to be submitted for the same. You may have to apply for approvals from respective departments in case of a few types of business activities.  

Inspection of the Location – The authority will inspect the location, where you intend to set up your business, to confirm that you are setting up the business at an authorized location.

Trade Name Approval – The trade name must meet the stipulated conditions. Approval of trade name and other necessary clearances has to be obtained from relevant authorities.

Membership Certificate – The competent authority will issue you a membership certificate.

Company Incorporation – The next step involves the incorporation of the company. All the approvals, and documents, along with clearance from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce have to be submitted for company registration and incorporation.

Obtain Trade License – Once you have concluded all the above-mentioned formalities, you can pay the requisite fee and submit an application for issuance of trade license. 

Documents Necessary for Company Formation in Ajman

The documents and certificates required for company formation in Ajman are as follows:

- Copy of the passports of the main owner and other shareholders

- Proof confirming the place of residence

- Letter from bank

- Notarized Article of Association (AOA)

- Legalized Memorandum of Association (MOA)

- Application

- Business plan, detailing the way ahead and expenditure/ profit analysis

Kiltons Business Setup Services in Ajman

Kiltons Business Group began the journey in 1948, even before the UAE was formed. Established in Sharjah, the group started spreading to other emirates, diversifying business ventures, gradually. The credibility we have earned over the years has been instrumental in making us one of the most sought after business organisations in UAE.

Kiltons Business Setup Services, established in 1999, has been aiding both expats and UAE residents to fulfil their dreams. We have played a significant role in fructifying the ambitions of individuals across the spectrum, by expediting business set up processes, guiding expats about the best business activity, business location and type of business.

It is of extreme pleasure and pride for us, when our clients scale the summit of success. Our professional team, through their dedicated efforts, extend the maximum possible help to our patrons. 

Kiltons could be contacted if you are considering business setup in Ajman. From the experience we have gained over two decades, we can assure you that the right business in Ajman will be highly rewarding. Our support in the endeavour will boost your business activities and augment your growth.

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