Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone (DSO) provides excellent infrastructure, office spaces, and facilities predominantly for IT-based companies and industries. This government-owned free zone has residential spaces, shopping centers, malls, public services, educational institutions, and medical facilities. Being the technology facilitation center, Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone company setup can be advantageous in several ways. Internet, industrial, R&D companies can consider DSO Free Zone jurisdiction for company formation.  Company formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis would definitely be a rewarding decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis

  • Can an ex-pat own 100% of shares in the company in DSO?
    • Yes. An ex-pat can own 100% of shares in the business in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone.

  • How long will it take for business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone?
    • DSO offers a quick business setup solution. With Kiltons supporting you, it will be set up in the shortest time.
  • How much is the corporate tax in DSO?
    • There is no corporate or personal tax in the Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone.
  • Can a single shareholder start a Free Zone Company (FZC) in DSO?
    • No. Minimum of two shareholders are required for FZC business setup in DSO. A single shareholder can set up a Free Zone Establishment (FZE).
  • How much are the charges for setting up a business in DSO?
    • The charges and fees change from time to time. Reach out to Kiltons to know the latest charges.

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Main Features of Dubai Silicon Oasis Company

The government of Dubai established this exclusive Free Zone in 2004. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone has been scaling heights since then. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is the organization for issuing licenses and monitoring the business activities in the domain.

Having a constant focus on expanding and developing the zone, the DSOA introduces investor-centric improvements from time to time. The incentives and additional advantages offered by this jurisdiction have been the fortifying factor for many ex-pat entrepreneurs.

The first smart city in Dubai, Silicon Park, is located in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The spaces and excellent facilities provided for the IT firms in the region, aid the companies in performing well and flourishing phenomenally.

Silicon Park is located at the ideal spot, Central Square. The eight elegant, custom-designed buildings here offer a premium appeal to the companies. Any ex-pat or resident business person can rent space to establish headquarters or the main office at this enclave.  The serviced office space will help the business to start operations from the very first day.

The main facilities available in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone are:

-         Office spaces

-          Workstations for IT firms

-          Space for light industrial activities

The office and industrial spaces and technical hub are managed by DSOA. The regulations and policies laid down by the authority have been supportive in nature. Extending optimal growth prospects to business in DSO Free Zone.  

Company types available to incorporate in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone

DSO Free Zone authority allows the formation of different types of companies in the domain. The company setup could be selected depending on the viability and further development plans.

Free Zone Establishment (FZE) – A Free Zone Establishment or FZE can be set up by a single shareholder or an entity. It doesn’t need to have more than ex-pat or resident partners to incorporate an FZE in DSO.

Free Zone Company (FZC) – The companies that are formed with the partnership of two or more individuals are called Free Zone Company (FZC). It could be two individual partners or two business entities investing to form a business setup in the DSO Free Zone.

Branch Office – A company with its parent organization located in foreign country or the UAE can start a branch in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone. The authority specifies that the business activities of the branch should be similar to that of the main organization.

Operating Licenses Available In DSO

The companies in Dubai Silicon Oasis must obtain relevant licenses from the authority – DSOA – before starting business operations in the zone. Further, the businesses and companies that are established in the Mainland, with a license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), must obtain an operation permit for functioning in DSO as well.

The types of licenses available in DSO are:

Service License – The entrepreneurs planning a service business setup in DSO must get a service license. Services could be offered only after getting the license.

Industrial License – Light industrial spaces are available in DSO. Those companies aiming to start manufacture, assembly, etc will need an industrial license in Dubai. This would be the basis for the import of raw material and components, packaging of products, distribution, and exports.

Trading License – Trading activities including import, export, distribution, warehousing, and re-export will necessitate a trading license by the business firm in DSO. 

Benefits of Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Exceptional benefits await the ex-pats setting up a business in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone. Those include:

-         100% ownership of the company

-         100% repatriation of capital and profits

-         Nil taxes

-         Exemption from customs duty and taxes

-         State-of-the-art infrastructure

-         Optimal growth prospects with access to a thriving market

-         Quick business setup

-         Comparatively low establishment and operational costs 

Documents required for Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone Company Setup

It doesn’t require an array of documents for Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). The DSOA requires only basic documents for confirming the identity of the ex-pat.

-         Copy of passport of the shareholder (s)

-         Residency visa page (if the ex-pat is a resident in the UAE)

-         NOC from the current employer (only if applicable)

Kiltons Business Setup services for Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC would be your trustworthy partner for Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Our team will handle all the official formalities and conclude the paperwork in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the invaluable guidance from our experienced professionals will be of great help in enhancing the business in the region.

We have a wide presence across the UAE. We facilitate company formation in DSO and other Free Zone, Mainland, and Offshore jurisdictions around the country. Kiltons has been extending exceptional support to ex-pat clientele from countries around the world. Our cordial relationship with the ruling royal family and higher echelons in the authority aid us in providing the best support to our clients.

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