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What are CFO Services?

A CEO of a business may not have adequate time to effectively contemplate on the financial and accounting matters concerning the business. He/she usually invests the vast majority of the time and resources dealing with the core company issues. However, accounting and finance matters serve as the cornerstone of a business. Overlooking the financial aspects may adversely affect the business prospects. And this is the juncture at which the business needs the assistance of a CFO or Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer supervises the key financial aspects of a business establishment like planning, recording and reporting on monetary transactions, and taking care of the risk associated with business management. Kiltons CFO services in Dubai and UAE are ideal if you are planning for a major organizational change. If you are up to a financial restructuring of your company, Kiltons CFO services would always come in handy. We have perfectly optimized and customized options to meet your specific needs based on your priority. Click here to talk to our financial experts right away.

The CFO also offers valuable advice and recommendations regarding the regulation of expenditure and cost-effective revenue generation. The business either hires a CFO professional to manage the financial and accounting requirements or outsource the job to a credible CFO service provider.

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  • The functions of a CFO

    Below listed are some of the most important functions of a CFO. Both in-house and outsourced CFOs perform almost the same functions.

    • Managing cash flow
    • Cash flow reporting and support
    • Expenditure Management
    • Variance Analysis
    • Setting and tracking of KPIs
    • Performance Analysis
    • Planning and Implementation of Budget
    • Work-out the business strategy followed by implementation
    • Matching budget with real outcomes
    • Enhancing product margin and thereby enhancing profit
    • Making sure of the timely accomplishment of budgets
    • Suggesting updated software to perform financial calculations and projections.
  • When should a company avail professional CFO services?
    • As already discussed, you may avail a professional CFO service at the time of organizational changes or financial restructuring of the company.
    • If investors demand a professional and dedicated CFO service due to financial inadequacies.
    • The company cannot focus on income generation due to financial mismanagement or employee-related issues.
    • When the company is planning for business expansion but lacks expertise and experiences employee-deficit.
    • When the company experiences a lack of control over various financial parameters.
    • When the company goes through an extremely tough phase that demands financial considerations and strategic decisions.
    • When the company needs improved and quicker monetary data for the purpose of making choices, and satisfying regulatory prerequisites.
  • The benefits of availing an outsourced CFO service

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    More practical
    You may avail the services of an outsourced CFO according to your business requirements and financial status. You have full control over the tasks that are assigned to an outsourced CFO. When your business attains considerable growth, it is feasible to entrust the financial requirements to an outsourced CFO as it aids in scaling. On the other side, if you are encountering financial difficulty or sense a future financial contingency like a recession, opting for an outsourced CFO will always be a good option. Hiring and firing an employee based on your business requirements is not at all practical.s

    Cost-effective option
    Entrusting the job to an Outsourced CFO is a cost- effective option compared to hiring a full-time, in-house employee. When it comes to a full-time employee, the company needs to take care of so many financial considerations other than the monthly salary. The financial considerations include the employee allowances, medical insurance, visa costs, cost of operational equipment, office requirement etc. Considering all these aspects it becomes evident that outsourcing the job to an external agency is far economical compared to hiring a full-time employee. Outsourced CFO service is ideal for small business establishments, especially at the time of financial crisis.

    Unbiased and logical analysis
    Your full-time employee may have certain restrictions to express his/her perspective in an unbiased manner. This is due to the fact that the hired individual is your direct employee. Several factors like internal politics, relationship with a co-worker can influence the final opinion of an employee. An outsourced CFO is devoid of these restrictions and can take independent, unbiased financial decisions. The financial recommendations of an outsourced CFO serve as an objective, fact-oriented, outsider’s perspective.

    Experience and expertise of an outsourced CFO
    Outsourced CFOs have plenty of experience and expertise serving clients of different domains. You may make use of this experience and knowledge for planning and decision-making. These benefits are restricted while you hire a full-time employee. It is so true in the case of newly-formed business ventures when you are not in a position to hire an experienced professional. The financial recommendations and advice that you receive from an outsourced CFO are very valuable during the course of financial uncertainties.

    Kiltons team consisting of Chartered accountants, accounting and bookkeeping professionals provide CFO services in Dubai and other Emirates. We assist our clients to take apt and prompt decisions based on perfectly-documented and analyzed financial data. Having a precise understanding of the financial status and reports of the business helps in future expansion and business growth. Work with our experienced professionals and focus on your business goals. We provide exceptional CFO services in Dubai for small, medium and large established organisations to manage all the financial aspects of your business. Our seamless CFO Services are tailor-made to handle everything from common activities like follow up of receivable to complex financial transactions.

    Please feel free to schedule a free consultation with our expert finance professional to know more about our CFO services in Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.

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